Peter Moore: I'm psyched

As Xbox 360 launches, Microsoft Xbox 360 hype honcho Peter Moore discusses online, the competition, Zero Hour, getting into Japan, and more.


As the countdown to Zero Hour and the Xbox 360 launch took place, GameSpot stole a few moments of Peter Moore's time to discuss the launch and Microsoft's second crack at the console market.

In the interview (linked below), Microsoft's corporate vice president of worldwide marketing and publishing addresses a variety of topics, including the supply shortage of Xbox 360s and the company's plans to move more 360s by the New Year.

"Our goal is to replenish inventory in the channel every week," Moore said. "So lots of Xbox 360s are flowing in every single week. It's not like we're shipping in and then going dry for two or three weeks."

The company will have to crank out 360s at a good clip if it wants to meet Moore's predictions for the system's launch-window unit sales.

"In the first 90 days, I believe we'll be somewhere between two and a half and three million units worldwide. Perhaps equally importantly, by the end of the calendar year [2006], I think we'll be at 10 million units worldwide."

Moore also talked about lessons learned from the company's failed first outing in Japan, as well as the reasons for and reactions to the Zero Hour launch event, where the interview took place.

"You can see it on the faces of the three and a half thousand people on the other side of this wall," Moore said. "They're like kids in a candy store. They cannot believe we're bringing this experience to them as gamers."

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