Peter Molyneux's Next Game Is "Very Different"

"At the moment, it's hard to peg what genre Legacy falls into."


Peter Molyneux has teased that his next game is going to be "very different" than what he's made in the past. Speaking to Glixel, Molyneux spoke briefly about this game, called Legacy, and discussed how he's started coding again, which he says feels empowering because results can come past.

"I've been working on this game called Legacy, and I can--rather like the first game I really did, which was called Populous--just try an idea and see if it works," he said. "I was in the hotel this morning, I was having breakfast, I was coding Legacy, and I had an idea. Within an hour, I was actually playing with the thing."

Artwork from 22Cans' newest game, The Trail
Artwork from 22Cans' newest game, The Trail

Asked if he could say anything more about Legacy, Molyneux--who is known for hyping his games--said, "I think it would be a mistake to talk about it."

He added: "The only thing I think is wise to tell you is that it's very different. One of the things I am proud of is the number of different genres that I've attempted. At the moment, it's hard to peg what genre Legacy falls into."

Asked if Legacy is a mobile game, Molyneux suggested that nothing has been decided yet, though he did say the game is running on PC right now.

"More and more, I think it's better to be platform agnostic at the start," Molyneux said. "The first problem is to get the feel of it right. You do have to worry about the interface. You have to worry about the input method. At the moment, I'm focusing on the mouse, purely because it's the easiest for me."

The full interview is incredibly fascinating and touches on a number of other subjects; read it here.

Molyneux, an industry veteran known for franchises like Populous, Black & White, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, and Fable, left Microsoft in 2012. He now heads up the independent studio 22Cans, which has released two games so far: Godus and The Trail.

As for Microsoft's Fable series, its future seems to be in question. The newest entry, Fable Legends, was canceled, while developer Lionhead Studios is closed.

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