Peter Molyneux says Godus is "invest-to-play," not free-to-play

Molyneux says that Godus will monetize very differently from other free-to-play games, but doesn't explain how.

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Peter Molyneux's upcoming mobile version of god game Godus isn't free-to-play, but "invest-to-play," the developer told Pocket Gamer in an interview.

As to what that actually means, we don't really know. Molyneux is known for vague, sometimes hyperbolic statements, and this one's no different.

When asked if Godus will be free-to-play, he said that "there cannot be a term that is less true," and that a new term is needed to define what he and his team at 22 Cans are making. "That term is more like 'invest-to-play,'" he said, because the game is tempting people to invest money.

The only concrete thing Molyneux said about Godus' monetization methods is that the point in which they'll be introduced into the game depends on the player.

Curiosity, the mobile game which led up to Godus, also had in-app purchases.

Molyneux recently came out against overly aggressive free-to-play monetization methods, calling the recently released mobile version of Dungeon Keeper "ridiculous."

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