Peter Molyneux "Protege" Quits 22Cans

Godus co-creator Jack Attridge leaves 22Cans to "create something of my own"; says departure is unrelated to Godus controversy.

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Godus co-creator Jack Attridge, referred to as Peter Molyneux's "protege," has left Molyneux's independent development studio, 22Cans. His last day was Friday, April 17, 22Cans writes on Twitter.

Attridge himself also tweeted about his departure from 22Cans, saying," Goodbye 22Cans. Has been lovely. It's time to create something of my own. I can't wait to talk about my new venture!"

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His decision to leave 22Cans comes after the UK studio found itself embroiled in controversy just two months ago regarding broken promises for Godus. However, Attridge says in an interview with The Guardian that he actually made his choice to leave 22Cans back in January, before controversy around Godus blew up in February.

"It was January that I said to Peter I was looking to leave 22Cans and go off to start my own thing," he said. “I was really worried that it might be perceived that I was leaving the studio because of that. It really is a shame because that felt like such a terrible time for us to part ways."

Regarding his initial hiring at 22Cans--Attridge formerly worked for Electronic Arts and Rebellion--he said he was excited by Molyneux's pitch for the studio. "He said he wanted to change the world," Attridge recalled Molyneux saying.

"After meeting him he said to me why don't you come along as a designer, but also as his kind of protege," he said. "For a good year it was just me and him designing crazy stuff together every day."

But as time went on, Attridge said he became more of an "adviser," when he really wanted to "steer my own ship."

So Attridge left 22Cans, and has founded his own studio that's currently working on an unannounced game. He showed an early tech demo of his new project to The Guardian, but says he won't reveal the game in full until later so as to avoid over-promising and under-delivering.

“I vowed that I'm not going to say anything about this new game until we can show it," he said. “It's really tempting to show it off and talk about it now because we think we've got something magical on our hands. We want people to be able to see it and to feel it and to understand that it is the product in front of them and not something else."

As for 22Cans, it will move on without Attridge as it works on continued development for Godus (still in Early Access on Steam), along with a new project called The Trail. Don't expect to see this game anytime soon, however.

"We're going to make our mistakes and go down those blind alleys privately before presenting the game to the world," Molyneux said back in February.

For more on Attridge's decision to leave 22Cans, his thoughts on Molyneux as a leader and designer, and lots more, check out The Guardian's full story.

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