Pet Zombies, Face Kart headed to 3DS this fall

Majesco bringing undead-caretaker sim and photo-enabled 3D racer to Nintendo's new handheld later this year.


Tomorrow, Nintendo will host an all-day media event devoted to its upcoming handheld, the 3DS, and it is believed that the publisher will announce the device's specific US launch plans. Preempting that event, Majesco delivered 3DS news of its own, announcing that Pet Zombies in 3D and Face Kart: Photo Finish will be available exclusively for the glasses-free 3D-enabled handheld this fall.

Add two more to the 3DS's growing library.
Add two more to the 3DS's growing library.

As a counterpoint to Nintendo's own Nintendogs + Cats, Pet Zombies in 3D lets gamers tend and train their very own brain-gorging undead. In development at 1st Playable Productions, Pet Zombies charges gamers with looking after (or tormenting) their moribund human pets by dictating their diet, cleanliness, and activities.

Locations in Pet Zombies range from cemeteries to run-down military bases, and gamers can customize these environments with objects, backdrops, and music. Customization options also extended to the zombies themselves, altering their bodily disfigurements, degree of decay, and clothing.

Renegade Kid, which is itself known for horror titles such as Dementium: The Ward, will be lending another kart racer to the 3DS library. Titled Face Kart: Photo Finish, the 3D-enabled racer lets gamers photograph themselves and then paste the product onto an in-game avatar. Face Kart features 20 different tracks, and gamers can further customize their in-game appearance, choosing from hair, clothing, and eyewear.

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