PES6 now works on PS3

Konami's popular soccer game now fully backward compatible on the next-gen console.


Football fanatic PlayStation 3 owners get a bonus this week with the latest firmware update fixing all the issues with PlayStation 2 title Pro Evolution Soccer 6.

The PlayStation 3 was launched across Europe and Australasia on March 23, minus the PlayStation 2 Emotion Engine, causing a number of issues with gamers' PS2 gaming collections. Emulation software within the machine took the place of the chip, although several top titles had some kind of playability issues on the day of launch.

Firmware version 1.70, which has been available to download since April 20, updates the backward compatibility database to make the game "fully compatible," according to Konami. Users can now apparrently play both offline and online matches "with no known issues."

A spokesperson for Konami commented: "The problems with PES6 on the PS3 are now resolved--which should tide us over until the full PS3 one!"

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