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PES Changes Name To eFootball, Now Digital-Only And Free-To-Play

PES is now known as eFootball, and it's adopting a free-to-play model with new content coming after launch.


In a big shakeup in the world of console sports video games, Konami has announced that its long-running PES soccer series is changing names to become eFootball. Not only that, but the game will now be free-to-play in the future and will shift to a digital-only model, building on itself over the years instead of offering separate games.

As a free-to-play game, eFootball will grow and evolve over time with new content updates. You can see the roadmap below the reveal trailer. This includes new modes, cross-play support, tournaments, and other new systems, all of which will be delivered over time.

A lengthy reveal trailer has also been released, showing more of the game and the motion-capture process. We also learn that eFootball runs on Unreal Engine, which is yet another shift for the series. As a free-to-play title, eFootball will presumably be supported by a microtransaction system, though Konami has not yet spoken about this.

"It all began with the implacable determination to create a revolutionary soccer platform," Konami said of the change. "Our ambition was to recreate the perfect soccer environment, from the grass on the field, to the players' movement, all the way to the crowds in the stadium.

To this end, we decided to create a new soccer engine with a newly built animation system and revamped game commands. The final result was even more impressive than we had originally conceived. We went beyond the border of PES, into a new realm of virtual soccer. To signal this new era, we have decided to part ways with our beloved PES brand and rename it eFootball."

Producer Seitaro Kimura told IGN that eFootball is a "platform" and that Konami will no longer release annual premium releases. Instead, free updates each year will be released.

eFootball Roadmap

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eFootball is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, iOS, and Android later this year.

EA Sports is also releasing its annual FIFA game, FIFA 22, later this year. You can check out the first gameplay here.

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