PES 2019's Data Pack 5 Update Is Out Now--Here's What It Adds


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Konami has released a new Data Pack update for PES 2019. The patch, which is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC now, makes a number of graphical changes and adds a bunch of player faces to the sports sim.

Among the new player faces are Radja Nainggolan, Kevin-Prince Boateng, and Ilkay Gundogan. Multiple other players--including Samuel Umtiti, Jack Grealish, Samir Handanovic, and Ethan Ampadu--have received "revised faces," Konami says, while more still receive "minor graphical improvements." Finally, Data Pack 5 updates "several" kits, including those of Schalke and of the Argentina and Colombia national teams.

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Konami's sports game launched in August to a positive critical reception, including a 9/10 in GameSpot's PES 2019 review. "For as long as EA continues to develop FIFA and hold a monopoly over official licences, PES will be the scrappy underdog just hoping for a surprise upset, even when it's fielding the likes of London Blue and PV White Red," wrote Richard Wakeling. "The lack of licences for top-tier leagues remains a disheartening sticking point, but PES continues to make brilliant strides on the pitch, building on what was already an incredibly satisfying game of football to produce one of the greatest playing football games of all time. It might be lacking off the pitch, but put it on the field against the competition and a famous giant killing wouldn't be all that surprising."

Konami has continued to improve the game since launch with the release of multiple data pack updates. In addition, there's now a free-to-play version of PES 2019.

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It's a great game, just been playing it. It is really good. Especially the online myclub is very entertaining