PES 2016's Weekly Updates Begin on October 1

Konami also details the first "major download pack."


Konami has detailed the first major content update and upcoming regular updates for PES 2016.

The weekly updates, which are "designed to ensure players within PES 2016 match performances with their real-life counterparts," will begin from October 1.

"Players on good streaks will have their various abilities raised, while others will be tweaked to reflect their current performances," Konami explained.

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The first download pack for the football sim, meanwhile, will be released later in October and will "refresh all summer transfers and team rosters across all modes with the inclusion of new teams and player faces." The update will be available for free.

PES European manager, Adam Bhatti, recently said he believes the series is "definitely catching up with FIFA."

"We have to be respectful about that," he continued. "We have to keep closing that gap. In a couple of years we'll clearly lead again. But we have to convince a lot of people."

In GameSpot's PES 2016 review the game was awarded a 9/10.

"There's little worth in assessing soccer sims by the weight of their game modes, or indeed, the breadth of their official licences," said reviewer Rob Crossley.

"All that truly matters is what unfolds in those virtual ninety minutes, either against a friend, an online stranger, or the computer. On that test alone, PES 2016 represents the best game in the series since the PlayStation 2 era."

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