PES 2015 Dev Defends Microtransactions, Says They're Aimed At People Strapped for Time

It's all about giving players a choice, Konami says.

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When Konami announced last week that Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 would feature microtransactions, some fans didn't take the news so well. Now, a Konami studio head has spoken out to explain and defend the way in which users can spend real-world money for virtual items in the professional soccer game.

In PES 2015, you can use Game Points, the in-game virtual currency, to recruit new players to your myClub roster. But you'll also be able to spend real-world money for the same thing. Konami studio head James Cox explained that letting people spend real money is merely an optional alternative, and one that he thinks is beneficial for people who are pressed for time.

"If you don't have a lot of time, then with microtransactions you can go buy a lot of players that you want," Cox told IGN. "But you also can earn Game Points in the mode and other parts of PES as well. We're trying to link things together so you can progress and build your team [normally]. The idea is that we're trying to just give the players the choice of what they want to do. Some people have more time, some people have more money. Some people have a bit of each! Either way, you'll have the choice."

Cox also explained that when players do elect to spend real-world money on PES 2015, they will know exactly what they're getting for their money. "The general principle is that you will be able to buy the players you want," he said. "The exact final mechanic is all still being tuned, but yes--if you want to buy Ronaldo, one way or another, you will be able to do that. And you will be happy with what you spend your money on."

The full details on how this will work are still being finalized. More details are expected to be divulged about PES 2015's myClub mode in August at Gamescom.

Microtransactions in full-priced games are nothing new. Major franchises like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Forza, and Grand Theft Auto all have them. In the case of Gran Turismo 6's microtransactions, Sony took a similar line to Konami, saying microtransactions are a way in which busy people can catch up with their friends who might have more time to play.

PES 2015 launches this fall for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and presumably Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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