PES 2010 kicks off on Wii this Autumn

Konami promises improved graphics and realism with a new instantaneous stamina feature and free-kick system.


Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer games have long been a staple for fans of "the beautiful game." Though its last incarnation on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was less well received than its Electronic Arts-produced competitor, FIFA 2009, the Wii version of Pro Evolution Soccer fared better, scoring favourable reviews.

Watch out, Torres about.
Watch out, Torres about.

Now, Konami has announced that PES 2010 will be coming to the Wii this autumn alongside its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts, with the publisher abandoning last year's staggered releases. The game will have a whole host of new features, including improved graphics, player animation, and realism.

The gameplay has been significantly overhauled too, with a new game balance system. In addition to overall stamina, players now have something Konami is calling "instantaneous stamina," which has been implemented to thwart some potentially game-breaking tactics. Overzealous sprinting will now have adverse effects on the onscreen players, such as causing them to lose immediate control of the ball.

Konami has also introduced a new free-kick system. Set pieces are viewed from the vantage point of the kicker, and using the pointer system, gamers can target the ball, add swerve, and add additional pace to kicks. Players will also be able to move goalkeepers sooner in matches against human opponents. Controls have been tightened to allow for more fine movements, and AI feints have been added so players can bypass defenders while dribbling.

The UEFA Champions League licence has also been secured for the game, and the game will feature Lional Messi and Fernando Torres on the box art. The licences also allow for "extensive additions" to the Master League in the game.

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I hope this will have Become A Legend mode.

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I still can't score in free kicks lol.

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as pigfish says, it has classic controller compatibility. hm i got PES 08 and 09 and i adore them, but i dont see any impressive changes here. the free kick thing sounds cool, but thats basically all..

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eshan8888- it does

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Well i can now say with some confidence that I will be buying PES 10 on the Wii instead of FIFA 10, simply because the graphics, realism and overall atmospher of PES is gonna be better than the over-the-top cartoon style gameplay of FIFA 10. Very disapointing that I will not have the official A-league but hey, I can always edit the generic teams.

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I kinda wish the Wii version had Classic Controller compatibility.

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thats good

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I bet that those who are in favor of FIFA, neither own a wii PES, nor have even tried it. the game play and the control is incredibly different on the wii version and much more in depth and fun, and there's no license related problem in pes 09 too. you ought to try it if you want to play some real soccer matches.

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you should be able to strap the wii-mote to your leg.

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Just don't forget to put crestiano ronaldo ..kaka...and benzema in real madrid.........I hate it when the soccer games fall behind the latest player transfers

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what's wrong with GS and spelling, "Lional", lol, Lionel, dude, get that GS, lol, great article though, I'm interested on the new PES, I think this years one isn't bad and I found the offline play much more fun than Fifa 09, the only thing EA kicks but is on its online features and AI faints, that's were Konami has to step up

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I have concerns, Konami seems to be more interested in treating PES like a revenue stream then a constantly improving football game. PES 09 only came out a couple of months ago for the the Wii and I sincerly doubt development of PES 2010 would have started after finishing that product. Don't even get me started on the Xbox360 and Playstation 3 versions of the game.....

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can't wait to buy this.... and through to dust bin .. :) because i don't like this... FIFA is Awesome

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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can't wait! 08 and 09 are excellent! oneEnigma -- 09 has support for classic controller so 2010 probably will too... but you really want to play with remote/nunchuk for the best gameplay

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really looking forward to this one!! I've loved both 08 and 09.

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Can't wait!! =D

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is the game playable with classic controller or Gamecube controlelr aswell on Wii?

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i never buy pes but torres looks mint on it nice graphics or what

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i hope so nothing new since 2004

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seems a bit early after 2009 dosen't it?

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i hope it impresses all fan and surpass fifa

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i hope PES 2010 is quite successful. I love PES.

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excellent, can't wait

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nicee can't wait

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not bad i hope they overhaul the whole game and get the licenses that they need =) GL konami!!!