Persona Comes to PC

TOKYO - Atlus' Revelations Persona is one of the games shown in the PC Corner at the Tokyo Game Show.


TOKYO - Noticeably smaller than every other corner and much less crowded than any other area of the show, the PC corner did have a few gems, including a look at Daikatana. But one of the more interesting bits out of the PC corner at least for console players is that Ascii is porting Atlus' PlayStation title Revelations Persona to the PC.

The graphics look similar to the PlayStation version, which is now a few years old. On a PC monitor things look a lot smoother, but the basic gameplay is still the same. Included in the package are Persona-themed accessories, like screen savers, a calendar, and a program starring Atlus' mascot. It will be released on March 25 in Japan.

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