Persona 5's Menus Continue to Look Stunning

The new trailer delivers the goods.


Atlus today released new details on Persona 5, sharing a release date (for Japan), the existence of an Anniversary Edition, and another gorgeous new trailer. But as with previous looks at the game, there's one aspect of the video that stands out more than anything else: the menus and UI.

By all indications, Persona 5 is a gorgeous game, but the menus are positively dripping with style. I mean, just look:

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Something as mundane as your combat options popping up looks cool, and in a way you might not realize if you've only seen screenshots.

The same is true of numerous other things, such as checking out your Personas or a map:

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If earning rewards for making it through combat isn't enjoyable enough, there's this:

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There's also this version from a new dev interview video that sees a seamless transition from the characters to the victory screen:

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Even an act as simple as a calendar scrolling through the days looks good:

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Text appearing on-screen has never been so attractive:

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This style is by no means limited to the menus. The beautiful UI is so striking because it takes an element that is typically an unimaginative afterthought and makes it look more interesting than most other games. That said, Persona 5's combat is no less spectacular:

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Persona 5 is due out on September 15 in Japan. A western release date hasn't yet been announced, but the game will be on display at E3 in June, so we may hear more then. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out that trailer again.

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Wait, Igor, is that your normal voice!? Have you been taking Helium all this time? I know the original Japanese seiyuu sadly died, however I thought they'd replaced him with a similar sounding person *looks on the interent*, nope, it seems they just re-used the dialogue from Persona 3 and 4!

Wow though, it's like there's a curse of Igor, as there was someone who voiced him for a P2 audio drama, and he's sadly died too! Might look into that audio drama, compare the two "versions" of the character!

Speaking of seiyuu, I thought I heard a familiar voice, Aoi Yuuki, who is the seiyuu for Futaba, also also the seiyuu for Jinako Carigiri from Fate/Extra CCC (does help that I'm currently playing that game), it's like she's hikikomori cast :D!

Also on Persona, I was watching one of the stageplays to Persona 3, and thought the actress playing the female protagonist sounded like Nyaruko from Haiyoru! Nyaruani (Kana Asumi), and whilst I've not seen Haiyoru! Nyaruani, I stumbled across a video that used audio from the series for a parody trailer for "Fate/Extra the Animation"; Caster (or "Kyasuko") being given Nyaruko's voice!

I must say, Persona 5 is looking pretty trippy, and the "dungeon" is pretty expansive this time around!

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Looks like Dance Dance Revolution

Avatar image for Ultramarinus

It's truly awe-inspiring, they really outdid themselves with the GUI this time!

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they didnt even tried ... mobile games these days

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Cool aesthetic. Hopefully the grind of leveling won't be the pits.

Avatar image for crxuchilbara

@ethanm1834: They really need to capitalize on over -dramatized cutscenes. The gameplay? Well see if it's a snore fest like the rest.

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This game will be Game of the Year

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Most anticipated game of all time for sure.

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More games need to focus on presentation style.