Persona 5 Scramble (P5S) Is A Musou Action Game, Not An RPG Switch Port

Persona Warriors.

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While many speculated that "P5S" would be a port of the RPG Persona 5 for the Nintendo Switch (even Best Buy seemingly leaked a Switch version), it's in fact a Musou-style action game in the vein of the Dynasty Warriors franchise. The game is called Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, and Atlus is partnering with Koei Tecmo and Omega Force (the Dynasty Warriors team) for development. It is coming to Switch and PlayStation 4 though there is no current release window.

In the trailer above, you see Joker posted up on a streetlight overlooking Shibuya Crossing as a wave of shadow-like enemies rush towards him before he slashes through them. You can see familiar Shin Megami Tensei demons/personas like Pixie and Pyro Jack in the mix. If you look carefully, it seems like similar elemental strengths and weaknesses will be a part of the combat as well. Joker summons his base persona Arsene to cast a huge explosion and take down even more enemies at once. A new metal-style remix of the boss theme "Blooming Villain" also plays throughout the scene.

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At the end of the trailer, there's a quick glimpse of a new character who's likely to be central to the plot of Persona 5 Scramble. You can see them and Joker staring at each other by the reflection in their eyes.

There's been plenty of Persona-related news. If you're not caught up on everything going on with the updated version of the RPG for PS4, check out our story on all that's new in Persona 5 Royale--it features new characters (one of which is a new party member), additional areas to explore, new story events, and much more. Be sure read through our detailed analysis on all of P5R's new content. Joker also made his way to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster earlier this month, and you can get all the details here if you missed it.

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Avatar image for Sorrow_316

Well, I’m sad. I’ve got P5 on PS4 but would love to play it anywhere a la P4 Golden style.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

Ha ha, wow, that's sad. So the Switch doesn't get its port of the game after all, although it should be no issue whatsoever since there's a PS3 version of the game? Who keeps playing these endless copies of the Dynasty Warrior series anyway?

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

Got burnt out on Dynasty warrior games after the 2nd one i played during the 6th gen. Love Persona 5, do not see why it couldnt have been ported, (not like it is crazy graphic heavy) but hope it will some day. Would i buy it ... ?? prob not as I have played it on console and now just waiting for a PC port.

Avatar image for mazuiface

Hey, at least it is on the Switch!

On a more serious note, Switch is exclusively getting SMT V. Atlus is just like that, each series has its own platform. If Persona 5 were to be ported to Switch, Shin Megami Tensei would then be ported to PS4.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@mazuiface: And I sure wouldn't mind. It is pretty dumb of them to do so, especially now that Nintendo's new handheld has hardware equal to a PS3, so the next SMT game could easily be ported to PS4 and still look nice.

This seems like the exact same situation that the Monster Hunter series found itself. All the fans sure liked to talk about hwo the games would never have become successful if it wasn't for their Nintendo exclusivity. Then MH World came out and it showed what a bunch of bullshit that was. Same thing with these games. How many Nintendo owners actually care about any SMT games? And how much more successful would those games be on PS4 and Xbone? Even if they just made simple ports of them instead of taking full advantage of the consoles' hardware, which is probably their main reason for sticking with Nintendo: the low production cost.

Avatar image for IanNottinghamX

@Atzenkiller: Actually Switch>Ps3 by a wide margin. Do your research. Unless you mean docked mode.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@IanNottinghamX: I'm not sure what you were trying to say. Writing proper sentences might help. Is the Switch supposed to be weaker in docked mode?

Aside from that it runs games in 720p, which is what the PS3 was capable of, aside from a handful of games that could run at something close to 1080p. Is the Switch capable of that for any AAA games like GT6?

Avatar image for IanNottinghamX

@Atzenkiller: Sorry I dont usually put full attention into answering morons. And its Funny you try and insult before doing research. 720p and 1080p arent specs. The Switch does 1080p docked mode, 720p handheld(because of the 720p screen). As Im gonna show you based on the facts and charts the Tegra K1 processor was way more powerful than the ones Xbox 360 and Ps3 used. And the K1 is the predecessor to the X1 used in the Switch which is alot stronger a processor. So whatever it is you are trying to say with the Switch being on the same level as Ps3 is proven wrong right here.

Tegra K1 vs Tegra X1:

Avatar image for jhawk

Uh-oh, cue the disappointment for Switch fans...

Avatar image for evagelios

@sakaixx: As an owner of Ps4 and Switch, I am ALL about this. I love "Warriors" games because they are fun, and mindless.. But I already beat P5 on my PS4, so; win-win for me lmao

Avatar image for lostn

Why oh why?

Avatar image for sakaixx

@lostn: cause you guys needs to stop port begging like those pc beggars

Avatar image for REDShadowG

@sakaixx: Should they start begging for more than 16fps and free online instead like ps fanboys do? Hm, maybe that.

Avatar image for greatatemi

@sakaixx: Yeah, it's not like you "ps4 beggars" didn't begged for XCOM 2 to come to your precious little console right? Hypocrite.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@greatatemi: .... we did?

Avatar image for Tiwill44

Had a feeling this would happen, P5 for Switch after putting Joker in Smash would have been too much of a smart business decision. I don't know how much this thing is going to sell but they made themselves look like fools for hyping it up.

Avatar image for lostn

@Tiwill44: P5R is still coming to the Switch.

Avatar image for Donut0389

@lostn: As of right now P5R is only PS4. It even has PS4 Pro 4k compatibility. Just face it. You got trolled by Atlus.

Avatar image for lostn

@Donut0389: I think it's more likely a contractual obligation to Sony that hasn't expired yet. I haven't seen trolling like this before.

A year after it releases on PS4 it probably goes to Switch. Or maybe the non-Royal edition goes there.

It makes no sense to put a character into Smash if he's never been on a Nintendo system before and isn't going to be. With Cloud, they released FF7 port for it later. With Solid Snake, he was in Twin Snakes for Gamecube.

Avatar image for valgaav_219

@Donut0389: Yup, big time lol

Avatar image for proceeder

@lostn: Do you know something I don't?!

Avatar image for lostn

@proceeder: I don't, but it's common sense. It makes no sense not to. He has a grappling hook in Smash, which is a weapon new to P5R.

Avatar image for Heartagram_03

This is a bummer, too bad it isn't a Persona 5 port.

Avatar image for DaGoyaMan

Sweet!!! I hate turnbased combat.

Avatar image for realguitarhero5


Avatar image for freedom01

that's why I kept on telling people not to take Joker appearing on Super Smash as a sign on the main Persona series coming to Switch.
1) Joker was already on a Nintendo platform via the 3DS game, Persona Q2.
2)higher chances that the announced games would have been spin-off like P4 Arena or P3/4/5 Dance.
3)before the reveal, Persona 5 R (this was a surprise for me that it was an enhanced version) was announced for PS4 only, Persona 5 S was announced for both PS4 and Switch so it would be unlikely that it would have been the main game

Avatar image for Tidus1012

@freedom01: Totally agree. There aren't surprises for people like us that can make correct deductions. Just with your number 3 is enough to know that Persona 5S wasn't a switch port. We knew that Persona 5R was PS4 exclusive, there's not a single logical reason for them to port the standard game.

Avatar image for Mraou

Sega will be the ones to handle a Persona 5 port, not Atlus. And the more likely candidate for a Persona 5 port is the PC, due to the ease of porting from PS4. Sega were the ones responsible for the Catherine PC port, and Persona 5 is at the top of the list of most demanded Sega PC ports, so it's only a matter of time. They might announce it at the PC games show at this year's E3, like how they announced Yakuza for PC last year.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@Mraou: original catherine is on pc but the full body edition with many enhancements is ps4 only.

Avatar image for Mraou

@sakaixx: Irrelevant to the point that Sega ported an Atlus game to PC and could easily do the same with Persona 5, even if it's the original, non Royal version.

Avatar image for proceeder

Once again,

Suck it! No Persona on the Switch, etc.

Joking aside, I don't see how anyone thought this announcement would be for a Switch port.

PQ2 hasn't come out yet and, Atlus is releasing P5R next year.

Why would they divide their potential customers? Some Switch owners would want to wait for a P5R port, some potential P5R customers would want P5 on the go and, I don't think anyone would want PQ2 (unless they fall below the age bracket of P5).

This is good news! You can see the character models and the animations in this game which would mean the hardware can handle a P5 port and some of the work for that is done.

In my opinion, however, Nintendo has no right to host a Persona game on their platform simply because of how much Sony has supported this game through its troubled development and for the absurd deviation of the franchise in the PQ series, which I can only imagine was made to satisfy the traditional family-friendly values at Nintendo (sometimes they ignore those, but, I can't say when).

Avatar image for chriss_m

@proceeder: what troubled development? Also, you talk about ‘family friendly’ Nintendo. But it’s Sony that’s the censorious publisher. Hell, you need to buy a Switch to get the uncensored version of some games on PlayStation haha.

Avatar image for pharos_haven

@chriss_m: Yea Persona 5 unfortunately went through development hell it was also scrapped twice.

Avatar image for proceeder


Persona 5: development began in 2011

Persona 5: announced in 2013.

Persona 5: original release date: 2014

Persona 5: release date delayed to 2015 (in Sony's press conference).

Persona 5: release date delayed to 2016 (in TGS)

Persona 5: released in 2016 in Japan and 2017 EU/NA.

If the above pattern does not provide enough evidence, consider the last dungeon's story arch, it has an interesting theme, but

it's just a glorified Mementos section, IMO

(I love the game right after P2: IS and P3: FES).

As for Sony, you're writing about Sony America's recent censorship policies, of which I disapprove. These policies were not practiced in the development period (2011-2017).

I mean, Gal Gun 2 was released back then!

Indeed, it may very well be that Persona 6 (coming out in the next century by the trend of things...) will not be a PlayStation title. I would write, then, that it serves Sony right, and that they don't deserve Persona 6.

Until then, Nintendo, SUCK IT!......... ⱼₖ

Avatar image for dvdjedi

@proceeder: Less choice for consumers is never a good thing. Port it to all the current systems, I say.

Avatar image for proceeder

@dvdjedi: I disagree.

I think when a company deceives their audience by suggesting they're taking a stance on a moral issue, while in reality, their decisions are based on nothing more than a marketing campaign, they deserve neglection and being left out.

They took the fatalities out of an MK. That wasn't "a good thing".

Avatar image for ghost140

Just buy a ps4, anyone else has to buy a Switch if they want to play recent Nintendo games. I wanna play the new Fire emblem and SMT but i know I'm gonna need a Switch to play em.

That said this whole thing was a masterful troll and i don't fault anyone feeling salty about it.

Avatar image for valgaav_219

Lol at everybody who thought they were getting Persona 5 on Switch. Now they can go back to hating and saying they don't like it anyway lmao

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@valgaav_219: I never hated it. I have a PS4. I've been holding off for a switch announcement. If not I'll pick it up on PS4.

Avatar image for fraga500

@valgaav_219: stop being a smartass fanboy. I own both consoles and it would be nice playing P5 on the go!

Avatar image for valgaav_219

@fraga500: So, who cares? Nobody. Persona is to Sony consoles what Shin Megami Tensei is to Nintendo consoles. Get over it

Avatar image for mazuiface

@valgaav_219: This is something that goes right over the heads of all of the beggars. It's almost like they aren't actual fans of Persona and SMT and are unaware of how things have been for over a decade.

Avatar image for KotomineKirei


People who want to play video games without having to stay next to an outlet care.

Also, if Persona is to Sony consoles what Shin Megami Tensei is to Nintendo consoles, then there should be no problem with having some of the main Persona games on the Switch.

SMT I-III and if...(which was the start of the Persona series) are on Nintendo consoles and Sony consoles.

Not only that, but the first Persona game was also on PC.

Avatar image for mazuiface

@KotomineKirei: By that logic, SMT V should also be on PS4.

Avatar image for KotomineKirei


"By that logic, SMT V should also be on PS4."

The entire Megami Tensei franchise should be able to be on all consoles and PC.

"It's almost like they aren't actual fans of Persona and SMT and are unaware of how things have been for over a decade."

Just because something has been a certain way for a while, it does not mean that it is good or should not change.

Avatar image for mazuiface

@KotomineKirei: Don't get me wrong, you can find me other places on this forum and the internet in general saying the same thing: Atlus should release all of their games on PC and other platforms - but the more anyone says it *especially* when they announce new games, the more their fans look like sour fanboys who are begging for ports. For now, I have the platforms they release their games on, and I will support them.

Anyway I think there will be a portable version of Persona 5. There was for Persona 4 and a cut down version of persona 3.

Avatar image for KotomineKirei


Honestly, I see no problem with wanting ports, especially during announcements that seem like they could be for one (e.g. Persona 5 S), as long as the people who want the ports are not being hypocritical.

If the people who want the ports would be upset to see games that are on one system also be on other systems, then I would see a problem with them wanting ports.

Otherwise, I see no reason for people to act so derisively towards those who want games on other systems.

It just makes them look selfish and callous.

  • 64 results
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