Persona 5 Scramble Demo Is Out On Switch And PS4, But It'll Take Some Work

You'll have to scramble your Switch accounts a little.


Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers is launching very soon in Japan, and its impending release means you can try out a demo of the Musou-style spin-off (or sequel, if you ask us) on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4--that is, if you're willing and able to jump through a few extra hoops to rouse your Phantom army and check out that great new music.

For Switch owners, the demo is only available on the Japanese Eshop, which means that to access it you'll need to have a Japanese account. The Nintendo Switch isn't region-locked, so it's simple enough to set up a Japanese account on your own Switch. You'll just need an email that's distinct from the one linked to your standard US account. With that account in tow, just navigate your way into the Eshop and look for the Persona 5 Scramble imagery.

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Keep in mind that this isn't a standard Persona game. Instead, it's an action game akin to the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Atlus partnered with Koei Tecmo and Omega Force for development, making it a unique mash-up. The trailers we've seen have shown sprawling battles like Dynasty Warriors, but in the visual style of the Persona series and with many of the core game's RPG mechanics refitted for real-time action. And from what we've seen, Persona 5 Scramble is more of a sequel than you might think.

No western release date has been announced for Persona 5 Scramble, but you can check out a new gameplay video in the embed above. If you're itching for more Persona, though, Persona 5 Royal is coming on March 31. Check out our P5R pre-order guide for more details.

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