Persona 5 Royal Thieves Den Mode Has A Card Game, Cutscenes, Music, And More

Music, cutscenes, decor, and the Tycoon card game are all in P5R's Thieves Den.


Persona 5 Royal comes with a ton of new features and changes. This includes additions to the story like new characters, social scenarios, an expanded narrative, and a new dungeon/palace. Separate from the main game, however, is the mode called Thieves Den, which I got a look at during my P5R hands-on preview.

Thieves Den exists as a sort of museum-like showcase for unlockables including music tracks, cutscenes, and artwork from P5R and the original game. You can also deck out the Thieves Den with decor and assets, from the Metaverse and Velvet Room to Confidants and enemies. You'll also be able to listen to Confidant conversations and even switch character models to roam the Thieves Den. All these rewards have to be unlocked using P Coins you earn from achievements throughout playing P5R or by playing the card game, Tycoon, which is also in the Thieves Den.

The Tycoon card game is probably the most exciting part of the Thieves Den. It's a four-player poker-adjacent game where you play against three fellow Phantom Thieves, who are controlled by AI. The goal is to get rid of all the cards in your hand by placing a card (or poker hand) that's higher than the previous one set down. There are three difficulties to play on, and winning rewards you with P Coins to spend on more unlockables.

Playing Tycoon with Ann, Ryuji, and Morgana.
Playing Tycoon with Ann, Ryuji, and Morgana.

You can check out a quick overview of the Thieves Den in the preview video above, or in the video tweeted by the official Atlus West Twitter account below.

We have the game covered from all angles, so be sure to read my full preview on why Persona 5 Royal should be worth your time (even for returning players), my conversation with senior localization manager Yu Namba on how Persona has evolved for Western audiences, and how some problematic scenes from the original game were altered in P5R.

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