Persona 5 PS4/PS3 Comparison Screenshots Show a Strong Last-Gen Version

The PS3 version doesn't look half bad.


Persona 5 may be months away from launch in the West, but it's just days away in Japan. As such, Japanese PlayStation Store listings are now live for the PS4 and PS3 versions with screenshots of each, giving us a good look at how the two compare.

Until now, we'd only seen the PS4 version; game companies typically show off the best-looking versions of their games until late in the pre-release cycle. That can result in disappointment for those playing on older hardware, but it may not be the case here.

At least based on the three screenshots from each version we have, Persona 5 looks good even on the 10-year-old PS3. Take a look at the comparison shots above and below to see the differences; the PS4 version is on the left in each. You can see the PlayStation Store listings (via DualShockers) for PS4 and PS3 here and here.

Video and hands-on impressions of the PS3 version may reveal the gap is larger than the screenshots suggest--the frame rate and load times could be worse, visual effects may be reduced, or--gasp--those beautiful menus might not be quite so slick. But based on what we can see here, playing the PS3 version of Persona 5 may not be as unfortunate as some perhaps expected.

Persona 5 launches in Japan on September 15. It's due out in North America and Europe on February 14.

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