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Persona 4 Golden Steam Codes Are Already On Sale

Save a few bucks on Persona 4 Golden if you're planning to buy it on Steam.


Persona 4 Golden launched on Steam this weekend after a surprise announcement during the PC Gaming Show, one of many E3 events happening online this summer. The base game is selling for $20, while the Digital Deluxe Edition, which gets you the digital soundtrack and digital artbook, is available for $25. However, if you didn't snag Persona 4 Golden the second it launched on Steam, you can currently grab it for at least 15% off at several official Steam key retailers.

The best deal is at Humble Bundle, which is offering an exclusive discount for its Humble Choice members. With Humble Choice, you can get Persona 4 Golden for $16 and its Digital Deluxe edition for $20. However, if you're not subscribed to Humble Choice, you can still find discounts elsewhere. Fanatical's deal on the standard edition is sold out, but Gamesplanet is still offering the base game for $17. Meanwhile, both Fanatical and Gamesplanet have the Digital Deluxe edition for $21.24. These are Steam keys that'll be available immediately after purchase.

Persona 4 Golden (Steam) Deals:

Standard edition:

Digital Deluxe edition:

Persona 4 Golden, the revamped version of 2008's Persona 4, originally released in 2012 exclusively on PlayStation Vita, so its arrival on Steam is exciting for fans who never owned the PlayStation handheld. The PC port has support for higher frame rates and many graphical improvements, with options for resolution, shadow quality, and more. Notably, the Japanese voice track is also included with the PC port (it was missing from the PS Vita version).

If you played Persona 5, Persona 4 Golden will feel familiar to you, as it involves hanging out with friends (this time in a rural town called Inaba), developing relationships with your teammates, going to school, fusing personas for combat, and exploring a mysterious world to solve serial murders. The enhanced version earned a 9/10 in GameSpot's Persona 4 Golden review, which you can check out for more info on the game.

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