Persona 4 confirmed for PS3, releases on April 8 for $10

Atlus’ RPG will be available on PSN as a PlayStation 2 Classic.


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As a recent ESRB listing recently suggested, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 will arrive on PlayStation 3 as a downloadable PlayStation 2 Classic, publisher Atlus has confirmed.

You’ll be able to download the game from the PlayStation Network in North and South America on April 8 for $10. As a PlayStation 2 Classic, it is a straight port, and doesn’t include improved graphics or extra features.

Persona 4, first released on the PS2 in 2009, is set in the fictional rural town of Inaba, and revolves around a group of teens struggling with the pains of growing up while simultaneously trying to unravel a supernatural murder mystery.

Atlus is also bringing Persona 5 to the United States in 2015, though so far it's only been announced for the PS3.

For more on Persona 4, check out our glowing review of the original release.

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Avatar image for cloyo

"No guys, you're not getting Golden if you don't shell out for Vita".

Message taken, Atlus. Thankfully, I couldn't care less for Marie, and even if I did, there's the Golden anime...

Avatar image for sakaixx

<< LINK REMOVED >> it's late but P4G is much better than P4.

Avatar image for raitomizumi

Bring Golden to PS3 damn it!

Avatar image for pound-u

I already own this game. And some losers out there wonder why many of us want backwards compatibility.

Avatar image for HiImUPSMan

Meh. still got the original ps2 copy. wouldve considered it if it was the vita version.

Avatar image for Bowser05

geez I'm still playing Soul Hackers. I have so much catching up to do XD.

Avatar image for SDBusDriver1979

It ain't golden and it ain't dual audio, its like Atlus hates money or something?

Avatar image for hailthorn

<< LINK REMOVED >> It doesn't have to be dual audio. Get over it. It's not like the dub is bad. Secondly, it's a PS2 classic. Golden wasn't on PS2. Please educate yourself before further posting.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

<< LINK REMOVED >> That would require work to do that porting. This is just a straight release of the PS2 version.

Avatar image for spike6958

Don't think I could go back to this version after playing P4G on PSVita.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

<< LINK REMOVED >> Why would you want to? You have P4G - just play that.

Avatar image for Bhemont

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Bigger screen

Avatar image for Fade2black001

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Vita has an HDMI port on it...

Avatar image for drumjod

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> It's also great to play games on a screen that you don't have to hold in your hands.

Avatar image for Tribesmaster

Too bad it wont get a 360 release. Oh well.

Avatar image for SilentAssassin

hell yeah for those of you haven't played this one... now is the perfect time!! check it out it's awesome.

Avatar image for grin89

came here cause おっぱい

Avatar image for MrFwibbles

<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't think you'll be finding any oppai here.

Avatar image for sephirothsfan02


Avatar image for Staranime010


Avatar image for lostn

If it's not Golden it's useless. Too little too late.

That said, they need to release a P3 FES Golden for Vita with the enhancements that P4 and P4G introduced.

Avatar image for BlackRose09

I guess I'll buy it then! I've been waiting for it since I saw the game at Gamestop, BUT for the Vita, which I don't have. So this will have to make do until I can get it. Besides, no offense to who liked Persona 3, which I did like, but the dungeon... I had to rage quit after being in the 60th something floor because... it was TOO MANY FLOORS! Thankfully this one has like only a few dungeons and with a few floors, minimum 3 floors, maximum 11 or so. So yeah... I'mma gonna play the crap of this game. xD

Avatar image for Naylord

Porting Golden to the ps3 would truly be worth noticing.

Avatar image for MARYUS1010

It's stupid porting Persona 4 and not Persona 4 Gold for the PS3. It's like they don't care.

Avatar image for drumjod

<< LINK REMOVED >> Persona 4 is probably much easier to port than Persona 4 Golden because the PS4 architecture is more like the PS3 than the Vita. That's just a guess though.

Avatar image for leakingdogmilk


They care about the vita, you are not important

Avatar image for MARYUS1010

@leakingdogmilk @MARYUS1010 Well, if they want my interest, they should add something fresh along the game, something like Golden. If they did that for VITA i'm sure they could do it for PS3.

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

Since this isn't golden I am not sure whether to play this or just keep waiting for the day I get a Vita to play Persona 4 Golden there.

Avatar image for lostn

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's unlikely they will release P4 on PS3, and then later release P4G on PS3 to make you buy it twice. If they're going to do that, don't you think they would skip P4 and just go straight to releasing P4G? Would make a lot more sense.

P4G is not a PS2 game, so it wouldn't be a straight forward port. It would need to be a HD remaster, which takes more work than simply taking PS2 code and making it run on PS3.

Avatar image for lostn

<< LINK REMOVED >> Get the Vita. You get like 6 games to own instantly if you're with PS+.

Avatar image for Feeder16

I got a vita last week and had 20 odd ps + games stacked up was brilliant to install them all. Only game I have 'paid' for is Persona. Any know the chances of tear away coming to ps plus?

Avatar image for Feeder16


Yeah I noticed the big discount earlier, its £15 at moment on Amazon and was going to buy Tearaway. But decided to side with Persona as that is less likely to be on Plus (I hope).

Avatar image for lostn

<< LINK REMOVED >> Not sure on that, but it was heavily discounted for PS+ members some while back. It's pretty hard to predict what will be free, but certainly not out of the question.

Avatar image for igorphoenix

<< LINK REMOVED >> this was the reason I bought Vita and I'm completely satisfied with the purchase. Besides, there are couple of good games and a bunch of ports/remasters. Definitely worth it.

Avatar image for ArchoNils2

Too bad it is not a(n enhanced) golden port. This will stay the best version of the game

Avatar image for hippiesanta

I hate pot .... I mean port ...... I cannot go back to PS2 graphic ...... it's dreadfull to watch

Avatar image for jreezy18

<< LINK REMOVED >> You're missing out on some pretty good games then. People get hung up on graphics too much these days.

Avatar image for hippiesanta

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Then I may get a vita version.... if it's the same.........

I have a ps2 max payne for ps3 ...... it's wierd to press pshome button to start the game. and I get dizzy watcing old graphic on HDTV

Avatar image for Staranime010

<< LINK REMOVED >>, Lets hope Sony makes all their classic games 1080p

Avatar image for Staranime010

<< LINK REMOVED >>, So Cute how you feel dizzy

Avatar image for exedeath

If it was a port of Golden for the PS3, then I would pay 60 bucks for it. I wouldn't mind owning a 3rd copy of the game.

Avatar image for Strategizer

<< LINK REMOVED >> From what I have played on my friend's vita i can see what your saying but since money in my place is tight right now $10 for at least the game itself is fine for now since I can afford a vita right now. I do wonder why they don't just port the Golden version though.

Avatar image for igorphoenix

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I can see why - golden is one o the best games on the platform, for me it was the reason to finally buy Vita.

Avatar image for Strategizer

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Yea I want to get a vita just can't afford one right now. Will get one when I can though.

Avatar image for FkzAz

So, No love for Europe ?....

If not, this is realy sad news.

Avatar image for godofhell2

<< LINK REMOVED >> maybe in two years time? and haven't shin megami games always released later in europe?

Avatar image for dr_josh

In the words of James Hetfield "Yea-AH!!!"