Perimeter finally reaches retail

Codemasters ships the long-awaited real-time strategy game to North American stores.



Codemasters announced today that Perimeter has shipped to stores in North America. Codemasters released the futuristic real-time strategy PC game in Europe at the beginning of May. The game is rated "T" for Teen and is priced at $39.99.

First announced by Russian developers 1C and K-D Lab in August 2001, the game spent the next two and a half years in distribution limbo, until Codemasters announced that it had secured global publishing rights to the game.

Perimeter takes an unusual approach to the real-time strategy genre. Players use terraforming to adjust the landscape around their bases, thereby extracting energy and resources from the terrain. As the name implies, perimeter force fields and defenses play largely into the strategy of the game. Units can also morph right on the battlefield through a feature called "nanomorph technology." GameSpot's review has more on the game.

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