Perfect Dark Zero unmapped

Microsoft jumps the gun on announcement of downloadable levels for Rare's first-person shooter; map pack not yet available.


Reports around the Web that a selection of new maps for Perfect Dark Zero had gone up on Xbox Live Marketplace today were mistaken. Microsoft issued a mass e-mail that claimed the game's Map Pack #1 was available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 500 points ($6.25), but it was quickly countered by Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb.

"You can stop looking on Marketplace, because the map pack is not there," Hryb wrote on his blog. "Apparently the email went out before the maps were ready."

When it is released, the pack will contain four new multiplayer maps: Plaza, Trench, Rooftops, and Gas Plant. Gamers who can't wait for the pack's official release can still get a preview of it by downloading the game's single-player demo, which includes the Plaza map.

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OMG, finally. I only like the Old Town, Desert, Urban, and Subway maps. I think PDZ, although already a great game, could use a few add-ons. 1. Some more of the weapons from the original Perfect Dark. 2. Still more maps, there should be more than this! 3. A different game mode or two wouldnt hurt. 4. More vehicles! Hovercraft and Jetpac are good, but where are the multiplayer transport vehicles? Where are the ground based single person assault vehicles? 5.This is just wishful thinking, but a playable Sean Connery character that could be purchased on the mardetplace or unlocked somehow would be nice. Overall though, PDZ is one of the top five shooters out there. Although i wish that Rare decided to make a sequel to the stunning Perfect Dark instead of a prequel, this will suffice. And yes, to the others who defended it against the /\/00bs out thur, its very innovative gameplay and revolutionary style of combat and gameplay sets it a notch above the previously dominating "Halo-esque" FPS's out there that focus so much on killing rather than combat, i get the feel of a serial killer more than a spy, or soldier. Perfect Dark Zero is realistically addicting and stunningly well made and played. ** Edited after reading above comment: YEAH!! PDZ KICKS HALO'S ENERGY SHEILDED #%$!!! That is all.

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heh, i always laugh at people that complain that it requires too many shots, being patient with a falcon, you can take someone out with 2. one for the helmet, one for the head. you want to complain about the game so heavily, but their armor system is nice, you can blow through specific parts to affect actual health, besides, the weapons are actually different with completely unique secondary fires. i mean, yes, the story sux, the characters suck, but the gameplay is awesome, the roll is ingenious, cause a whole bunch of people jumping to dodge machine guns.... come on... really... 6 bux for 4 maps, a buck fifty.... i mean, really.... are you that cheap? ivf you don't like the game, don't buy it, if you do, then buy it... the maps are made to support fans, and complaining that microsoft has enough money, ur saying that you want them to just give you products they've worked and spent money for, because they have earned more money in a different division, so basically, they lose more under the xbox section, which may make them realize that it's become too much of a waste and dump the system all together. you do realize they are still in the red after xbox, right? come on people, this is business. (select an action below) ______________ Report Abuse To Moderator Posted Jun 2, 2006 4:56 pm PT this guy is absolutely correct.....oh and for all of you who think pdz is a bad game....think twice. because it is one of the best fps's ive ever played.. i like it better than halo 2. and if you think thats crazy. well then youll just have to find out for yourself. but that game is a good as they get. im glad gamespot gave it a gold rating as well.. because it completely deserved it. the innovation in this game is absolutely what next-gen is all about. this is next gen software. like i said if you dont believe me. try it for yourself. oh. and dont just spend ten minutes on it. actually get in the game!!!! ;]

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It's amazing how everything on GameSpot ends up in big flame wars. I really think that GameSpot needs to impose stricter rules on the relativity of posters so that way every news brief dosn't end up like this.

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this game isnt even all that good............

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pd 1 on nintendo 64 was beter than half life2 but pdz is a little bit lower but steal the best fps on 360 and the only am playing for about 5 months

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you stupid boy it dnt take 50million bullets to kill some one just aim heads lol lol

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its good in its own ways but the gameplay is rubbish

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Perfect Dark Zero is cool and it looks much better in real life than pictures can show. The gameplay is tuned for using the controller and it feels pretty natural. The firefights achieve a high level of intensity. Its "pretty" next gen and not a disappointment by any stretch. As for buying more maps I think 6 bucks is excessive when people are willing to do it for free.

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i didn't care much for the game. (oh yeah, it needs mouse/keyboard....that's probably why i didn't like it)

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IMPORTANT: If Microsoft releases a new sort of "Platinum Hits" version of Perfect Dark Zero that includes the additional maps and features in the same way that the new "Game of the Year" version of Call of Duty 2 does, then I think Microsoft should insist that all of the game magazines and websites do a new review of Perfect Dark Zero in its new form. The reason I say this is because some of the websites and TV shows did reviews of Perfect Dark Zero in its original format using an unfinished version of Perfect Dark Zero. Since then, Microsoft has released downloadable updates similar to patches that have added improvements and addressed the things that were brought to the attention of developers. Perfect Dark Zero will then receive 100% positive reviews rather than the "mixed reviews" that it previously received where only about 90% of the reviews rated it with the high reviews it deserves. I think that $6 is a little bit expensive, especially since my favorite area of Perfect Dark Zero is the Single Player Mode levels. I will never pay more than 400 points for a download unless it is a Neo Geo game or a game like Street Fighter 2 or Ultimate Mortal Combat. In that scenario, I would be willing to pay more than 400 points, but I certainly would never be willing to pay 800 points like Xbox Live wants for Space Invader clones and card games. Games that cost 400 points (Geometry Wars, Smash TV, UNO, and Gauntlet) are by far the most popular Xbox Live Arcade games for a reason; they are inexpensive and fun.

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I like it, it's a fun game to play. Heck with graphics.

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Sounds cool shame about them charging for the new levels Ubisoft make the new levels for ghost recon etc.. for free.

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como que 4 mapas no es muy poco para el pdz? y las armas, no hay mejoras? vehiculos? weno, si rare piensa en mas cosas que me contacte y le doy unas buenas ideas, jeje o ke tal un editor de mapas para luegosubirlos, suena bien no?

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What is PD0's rank on Live anyway? 6 bucks is a bit ambitious for a game that isn't too popular. I think my PD0 will be better served as a trade-in deposit for Gears of War...

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way too expensive i mean the cod2 maps are 150 and oblivion bonus areas are 150 too wtf

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Rare needs to go back to its N64 glory days, Xbox Live is the only reason I play PDZ, because the campaign is crap.

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id rather pay 6 bucks for 4 maps than 600 for a console xbox live ftw now lets get on with these damn maps

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6 bucks..........? for 4 maps?

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A rare Perfect Dark Zero.

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..better than Half Life 2..:| lol, what?

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way to go M$... had me looking on the marketplace for nothing.

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Why is this game so critisized? It's not bad, in fact, 4 of us just spent basically the whole of this weekend playing it, new maps willl be awesome.

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I thought its Project Zero

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Nice, I've been waiting for those new maps for a while... only I wish they didn't cost anything :(

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The map sounds like it will add some good content to the game, can't wait for it

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I think the update should include more characters to play as in MP, and the ability to jump as well as the 4 bonus maps. The price would be much more fair that way.

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"It might be worth it if this game Didn't Suck bullets." Yeah but it doesn't suck so it IS worth it.

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Not worth the points, Oblivion is what will get my point. Plus you get more bang for your buck.

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this game needs way more than a few extra maps, how bout improved aiming and a jump button for starters

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What are people so pissy about PDO for, did they really think it was supposed to be like Halo? Here's another word for your thin vocabulary, VARIETY. And for those kids who skip school just to play Halo, vocabulary means words that you know the meaning to.

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even more levels for a good game, wow, how can it get any better?

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paying for extras, PAH!

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Kind of rediculous price for those maps...they should at least add more for that amount or make it cheaper..

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Sound Great. So go ahead and release it Microsoft what taken so long, and the prices is not so bad.

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Doesn't matter because I traded in that steaming pile 2 months ago and bought Battlefield instead.

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Allready sold this disapointment and moved on to better games, like just about any FPS on the 360.

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I can't believe people who diss PD0. You guys are either trolls or you suck at the game. This is one of the best online FPS ever. Huge variety of unique weapons/ counterstrike style aiming that requires skill/ rolling which is done perfectly / NO-LAG in any game. I'm not some FPS noob either... I've played UT, Q3, DoD, Halo 1: CE, Halo 2 and CS religiously online for many years, and PD0 brings something refreshing to the genre

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I'll buy them. Maybe I'm just richer then all of you.

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500 points? ummm... that's a bit too expensive I think. Let's try 300 tops.

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Not a bad price, considering the original only shipped with about 6 maps. Now, if they would only release an expansion that made Black Ops playable with bots (and only 1 person. >_>), add more modes, and make PDZ's single-player stop sucking so much ball. >.>

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how come i got all the halo 2 maps for free from live?

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Ok... seriously, when are the maps coming out. It's kind of annoying that there doesn't seem to be any official announcement about when the maps are REALLY going to be released. Why not? Good marketing vs disrespect

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PDZ did not take 5 years to make en though I thought so myself); and Fossil not that much FPS games are above PDZ esp. its Multiplayer.

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next i want to see more vehicals

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well i dont have the gaem

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who cares PDZ is the most overrated 360 game to date........The 360 has at least 15 games that blow PDZ away and another 10 that are just better! PDZ is kinda of a disgrace because it took 5 years to make and Conkers,Kameo and even Grabbed by the Ghoulies are way better games!

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u guys are so ignorant, it cost money for developers to make maps, these arent user created items like you PC maps, if the developer wants to stay out of the red they are going to charge money for these maps. Besides buying this content gives Rare money for future better projects.

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they should be free...