Perfect Dark Zero gets demo, updates

New multiplayer map, bot personalities for Rare's first-person shooter to be made available for download shortly.


Both would-be purchasers and existing owners of Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360 have downloads to keep an eye out for on Xbox Live Arcade today. Five months after Microsoft's console first hit stores, the company announced that one of its highest-profile launch games is getting a free downloadable demo with a brand new multiplayer map, as well as a number of autoupdates that will include eight new personalities for computer-controlled bots in multiplayer matches.

The demo will include a map from the game, The Outpost, that will be playable alone or with a friend in split-screen mode or over Xbox Live. And to give prospective buyers a taste of the game's deathmatch action, it will also include the new multiplayer map Plaza. The new downloadable bots will include: Venge bots, which target the last player to kill them, Judge bots, which go for the player with the most kills, Bully bots, which go after the player with the least kills, and bots that will be usable in the game's DarkOps modes.

[UPDATE 4/25]: A Microsoft representative confirmed for GameSpot News that for now, the only way to play the Plaza map will be through the downloadable demo. However, it will be made accessible in the full game in the near future by way of a downloadable map pack that Microsoft will sell on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The map pack will also include three other maps.

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I liked the team deathmatch, took some getting used to Infection though. I wish this had come out last week, before I bought Kameo!

Avatar image for Tiptup100

Is plaza even released yet? lol

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

um gas plant is nt that the beta objecive from goldeneye -escape from the gas plant maybe this is facility

Avatar image for Sandman100

Sound great it should be fun.

Avatar image for Spookhouse1

phew! just in the nick of time. Just think what would have happened if they didn't release the demo before launch!!!! Lol :)

Avatar image for CPM_basic

PDZ go haterz go suck an egg. I hope Plaza is sweet!!!

Avatar image for badfur0

thats cool

Avatar image for EvanO_O

Rare should have had 4 maps ready to go by now. Oh well, you get what you paid for.

Avatar image for KiLLer_ba

Alright, good news

Avatar image for samekila

they was probably bussy with the kameo co op update/demo and now kameo contest I hope rare gets on this I have wonted a new level for about 2 1/2 months now

Avatar image for bobsmith915

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for IRON-MAN777

Call me ==RUDE== but this should've came out sooner . Anyone have an idea when???

Avatar image for The_Game21x

well, the new bot types are great but I would've liked to see more than just one multiplayer map.

Avatar image for neoand12

about time

Avatar image for Khimarhi

i wish it were more thenjust one level. . plus i am gonna love the bots especially judge and bully bots

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

Even though I have no intentions of buying the game, I'll give the demo a go.

Avatar image for Some-Killz

Maybe there wont be any flying dead bodies....

Avatar image for tomamagic

Great, just when I got bored with it and sold it . . .*sigh* Oh well.

Avatar image for Rzais

Even if the maps aren't free, I'll still buy it. Personally, I think this is a good game. Not quite as good as the oldschool Perfect Dark on the 64. But it is an excellent multiplayer game.

Avatar image for Sonicgod

This would be close to be worth paying $2 for horse armor is not. Good company's know when not to charge

Avatar image for agentpolo083

This is great news. Now I know that many sources gave this game a bad review. Many reviewers stated that this game is a great game compared to games developed in 1999, but First Person Shooters have evolved greatly since then. I do have to agree with that statement, though for those of you who havn't played many First Person Shooters since then, I can almost garauntee that you'll enjoy this game. With the new multi-player map, bots, and updates, this game can only get better!

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The Map Pack will cost 400 points or more I bet. :(

Avatar image for cesarotromundo

THIS WILL BE AWESOME! LOVE NEW MAPS! ... whats the demo for though.. almost everyone has this game already

Avatar image for thechosenone827

PDZ is a good game that has been out since launch, it is kind of late timing to finally release a demo for it. Hopefully those who have not played it will get to try it to see if they like it.

Avatar image for Attunnel

Mabey I'll pry myself away from Oblivion to play some Perfect Dark.

Avatar image for rayquaza75

Awsome! Ican probly get PDZ now! Yes!!!

Avatar image for comthitnuong

wish it were for pc

Avatar image for Writeous

sounds good...

Avatar image for tbolt_88

sounds cool..cant wait to check this out

Avatar image for 007craft

theres 4 new maps, not 1. Also search the web for a video trailer preview of the 4 maps. Also, the stuff is coming "soon" not TODAY like gamespot seems to think. Apparently they cant read the press release by Microsoft properly. As for you PDZ haters, your just all terrible at this game. This game is very halo like except without all the noober aim that halo had. So the games players are comprised mostly of people who enjoyed halo, and could actually win matches in halo in stead of thanking Bungie so much to allow them the auto-aim needed to place 4th in a match if they where lucky. Learn to aim and this game is great, with lots of strategy (providing the host doesent disable half the weapons)

Avatar image for xbox_gamer1

This game isnt that good. I have it and it sucks big time!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for jlwalker1007

Finally! Too bad it's just one map....that makes 6 :(

Avatar image for mark_unix

games not selling well??? demo's are always released because of lacking sales.

Avatar image for samekila

cant wait for the new level I dont see why no one like this game its fun as hell online with your own team

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Avatar image for got_systems

Yes bots in DarkOps!

Avatar image for DevKaz

ahhhhh, ha ha ha ha, GARBAGE.

Avatar image for SoralinkGS


Avatar image for AzureLivesOn

Now if they could make an update to make PDZero actually enjoyable, we'd really have something on our hands to celebrate.

Avatar image for frontier49

Meh. I haven't really enjoyed a Rare game since the original Conker on the N64. That was the end of their peak as far as I'm concerned.

Avatar image for mickel_darmawan


Avatar image for vik212121

sweet !! and its free

Avatar image for frankeyser

i lika the new bots =)

Avatar image for strahd01

time to find out if this game's gameplay is worth a 9 ;)

Avatar image for mentalmarco

I hope the maps are good.

Avatar image for drangel_jam

Beautiful, I love the judge-bot idea.

Avatar image for blackIceJoe

This sounds like the added stuff will make it a lot more fun.

Avatar image for Yuck_Too

...I need more disk space... dang demos, trailers and everything esle...guess I'll have tyo plug in a external 400gig or something.

Avatar image for Monroe1

That sounds good.

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