Perfect Dark Zero gets demo, updates

New multiplayer map, bot personalities for Rare's first-person shooter to be made available for download shortly.


Both would-be purchasers and existing owners of Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360 have downloads to keep an eye out for on Xbox Live Arcade today. Five months after Microsoft's console first hit stores, the company announced that one of its highest-profile launch games is getting a free downloadable demo with a brand new multiplayer map, as well as a number of autoupdates that will include eight new personalities for computer-controlled bots in multiplayer matches.

The demo will include a map from the game, The Outpost, that will be playable alone or with a friend in split-screen mode or over Xbox Live. And to give prospective buyers a taste of the game's deathmatch action, it will also include the new multiplayer map Plaza. The new downloadable bots will include: Venge bots, which target the last player to kill them, Judge bots, which go for the player with the most kills, Bully bots, which go after the player with the least kills, and bots that will be usable in the game's DarkOps modes.

[UPDATE 4/25]: A Microsoft representative confirmed for GameSpot News that for now, the only way to play the Plaza map will be through the downloadable demo. However, it will be made accessible in the full game in the near future by way of a downloadable map pack that Microsoft will sell on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The map pack will also include three other maps.

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