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Perfect Dark

Rare says it all: "What could be a better accompaniment to Joanna Dark's N64 debut than an exclusive Game Boy Color title that delves into her previous exploits?" The fact is that there's probably nothing that could be. After Rare's mega-blockbuster hit GoldenEye took the video-game market by storm, everyone has been really excited about Rare's follow-up first-person shooter, Perfect Dark. But, to make the game even better, Rare is also developing a PD title for the Game Boy Color that will be compatible with its N64 counterpart.

As Rare's quote states, the story in Perfect Dark GBC takes place before Joanna Dark's N64 adventure. First, you must complete her training at the Carrington Institute. Once that is complete, a bigger story unfolds: In a South American jungle, the dataDyne corporation has set up an illegal cyborg-manufacturing plant. Joanna Dark is flown there with a set of objectives, the overall goal being to destroy the facility. There are a total of seven missions full of puzzles and subgames.

According to Rare, just about every trick, technologically, that the Game Boy Color is capable of is being used in the title, such as Rumble Pack and Game Boy Printer compatibility, as well as the ability to transfer data between the GBC and the N64 with the use of a Game Boy 64 Pak , which is scheduled for release on March 6, 2000. It's likely that transferring data between the N64 and GBC versions of the game will allow for extra levels and items. In addition to those features, two-players deathmatches will be available through the use of a link cable. Sampled speech and an FMV intro will also be included.

With Perfect Dark for the Game Boy Color likely being Rare's final title for the handheld unit (the Game Boy Advance is scheduled to come out this fall) Rare is looking to go out with a bang. Gamers everywhere should keep an eye on this title as its development progresses. The game is set to come out near the end of the year.

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