Perfect Dark booked

Comic-book scribe tapped to bring first of three novels to store shelves this October.


After a lengthy wait, gamers interested in returning to the world of Rare's Nintendo 64 shooter Perfect Dark are in for a good fall. Beyond the release of Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360, which is set three years before the events of the original game, word has arrived today that Tor Books will be publishing a trio of books to further flesh out the world and backstory of series' protagonist Joanna Dark.

The first title, Perfect Dark: Initial Vector, will be penned by novelist/comics scribe Greg Rucka and is scheduled to hit shelves October 4. The prolific, Eisner-award-winning Rucka is currently writing the monthly DC Comics series The Adventures of Superman, Wonder Woman, Gotham Central, and the monthly miniseries The OMAC Project. He has an espionage drama novel, Private Wars, coming out October 25 as well. It's based on the Queen & Country series of comics, which he also writes.

Perfect Dark: Initial Vector will be released as a trade paperback at a retail price of $12.95.

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