Pepper's Ghost Unveils the Inkubator

New tools allow creative types to turn concepts into full-fledged multimedia productions.


Interactive entertainment production studio Pepper's Ghost has just announced its state of the art digital script creation software, Inkubator. The product is designed to transform the ideas of artists into nonlinear, real-time 3-D games and stories without the need for programming experience.

Artists can translate their concept through Inkubator's scriptwriting software. Then the company uses ACT3 technology to animate and create avatars and eGhosts for the production. The storyline and eGhosts are then married with an eventing engine called MUMM-E, which turns the production into a 3-D photo-realistic story for distribution over the Internet, video, or CD-ROM. Basically, it allows people to turn their ideas into a multimedia experience.

The product will be demonstrated at E3 with Pepper's Ghost's psycho-thriller Burning Ambition and an interactive story. Also on display at E3 will be a virtual city called Corazon Online.

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