People donated $100,571 to pay for a game about being a bear

Bear Simulator Kickstater campaign comes to a close with a six-figure funding tally.


The Bear Simulator Kickstarter campaign was an overwhelming success. The crowdfunding effort has now wrapped up, closing with $100,571 from 3,871 people, well above its original $29,500 target. Creator John Farjay writes on the game's Kickstarter page that he initially thought the campaign would struggle to meet the original funding target.

"Okay, so funding finished and it was a tiny bit more than expected," he said.

With the extra funds, Farjay said he plans to beef up features that require more money, like sound effects. He also plans to buy better equipment and hire extra help for Bear Simulator. Just because Bear Simulator raised $100,000, you shouldn't expect a AAA experience, Farjay says.

"Another thing which was brought up a few times earlier is to keep your expectations sane," Farjay said. "This won't be an AAA game. Really aiming for it to be a simple exploration game where you're a bear."

Farjay also notes that he isn't sure about a multiplayer mode for Bear Simulator. He said he has some "awesome ideas," but warned that it could take a long time and become complicated. Right now, Bear Simulator is only announced for PC, and Farjay said if it does come to consoles some day, it won't be until after the PC version is released.

"This is my first PC game, I chose the Kickstarter route because I wanted to involve a bunch of bear fans to contribute which is why it's going to be fun to put Kickstarter Island together," Farjay said." Trying to use this game to learn the process of publishing a PC game so bear with me. Haha get it? 'Bear with me?' ...Because the game is about a bear."

"Explore stuff, eat stuff, be a bear!" is the game's official tagline. Farjay describes Bear Simulator as "like a mini Skyrim but you're a bear." Bear Simulator is set to launch this fall.

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