People Can Fly Turns Independent, Buys Bulletstorm IP [Correction]

Epic Games subsidiary gains independence, says it's working on new project.


Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgment developer People Can Fly has regained its independence from Epic Games, and has confirmed it is working on a new project.

Additionally, the studio has acquired the Bulletstorm IP. Terms of the deal were not announced.

[Correction: A representative for People Can Fly has contacted GameSpot to clarify that the studio did not buy the Bulletstorm IP. The Poland-based studio said it already owns the IP, and retained it after the split from Epic Games.]

The studio was acquired by Epic Games and renamed Epic Games Poland in November 2013. In a new post on its website, however, it revealed the "Warsaw-based team's return to its original name, memorable logo, and roots as an independent game studio."

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"Ownership of the company, which had been rebranded as Epic Games Poland in 2013, has returned to the local leadership to reflect the team's desire to create their own games, a move Epic supports."

Under studio director Sebastian Wojciechowski, People Can Fly is "actively contributing to Unreal Engine 4 and Epic's upcoming game, Fornite." It is also using Unreal Engine on an "entirely new unannounced game."

"We, as a People Can Fly team, are extremely excited about new possibilities ahead of us,” said Wojciechowski.

“We’re going to work on a new game, while continuing to partner with Epic and use UE4. We’re grateful to Tim and the whole Epic team for our long and successful collaboration."

Epic Games chief executive Tim Sweeney added: "We’ve been honored to work with this brilliant group of programmers, artists and designers throughout their history: first as a partner using the Unreal Engine, then as a studio within Epic, and now once again as an independent company."

According to People Can Fly, it began the process to become independent again just after launching Gears of War: Judgement. Although went on contribute on projects including Unreal Tournament and Infinity Blade 3, it also had the desire to create its own games again.

"To dive into the game development process that starts in your head, through concepts and design ideas, realized in prototypes and finally in the game, to inspire each other every minute, to create and iterate, was stronger than all the benefits of being a part of Epic group."

"We are lucky that Tim Sweeney as well as Epic’s board and its executive team members are fair and honest people and allowed us to reach for our dreams."

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