Peggle leads PopCap's DS charge

Lumines developer Q Entertainment handling handheld adaptation; casual game publisher also announces a pair of hidden object puzzle games.


While most casual games involve tried-and-true gameplay mechanics like falling bricks or matching three-of-a-kind, PopCap's Peggle has become a standout success for the publisher based on its Price is Right Plinko-style gameplay. To date, the game has found a following among iPod users and PC gamers, but PopCap today said it's going after a more hardcore crowd with a new DS port of the game.

Q's Peggle looks a lot like normal Peggle.
Q's Peggle looks a lot like normal Peggle.

To ensure the game appeals to a more dedicated gaming audience, PopCap has entrusted development duties to Q Entertainment, the studio behind Lumines, Meteos, and Rez HD. In a prepared statement, Q CEO Shuji Utsumi said, "We've always incorporated casual game elements into our console and handheld games, and now we have an opportunity to bring our gaming sensibilities and expertise to the DS version of Peggle and make a very novel 'crossover' game for all ages."

Q's version of Peggle is expected to have more levels than any other version of the game (including some exclusive to the DS) and revamped control scheme options. Peggle will arrive on the DS this winter with a suggested retail price of $29.95.

PopCap also detailed a pair of additional DS titles it's developing. Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins and Mystery P.I.: Portrait of a Thief are two hidden object games that call on players to spot dozens of items in a given scene that will then serve as clues to piece together the story. Each game will feature 18 missions with nine DS-exclusive locations. The two games will sell for $19.95 each and arrive this winter.

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