Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom Brings Shelby Gang To VR This Year

Head back in time 100 years through the power of the Quest.


Peaky Blinders--one of the best shows airing today--takes its sweet time in between seasons, but we have something very exciting to make the wait for its return less painful: a VR game. The game features some of the most famous locations from the series, and it even has voice work from two of its biggest stars.

Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom is set in 1920s Birmingham, which could put it anywhere between the first and fifth season of the show. As a member of the titular Peaky Blinders gang, you'll need to earn the trust of leader Tommy Shelby and his older brother Arthur. They're played by Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson, both returning from the show.

"On the run from the firing squad, you turn to the infamous Tommy Shelby for help, and soon find yourself at war once again. Your only hope at redemption is to defeat the odds and win at any cost... by order of the Peaky Blinders," reads a line from the official website. It's in the works at Maze Theory, which previously created Dr. Who: The Edge of Reality.

You'll be able to form alliances and battle in "thrilling visceral combat," though it's unclear exactly what that entails from the teaser trailer. The show features sporadic gun battles as well as fistfights.

Peaky Blinders--the series--begins just after WW1 and the most-recent season is set at the very end of the 1920s. The fictional characters often intersect with real historical figures, most recently featuring British fascist Oswald Mosley as an antagonist. The sixth season and final season premieres soon, though an official Netflix date hasn't been set, and the story will continue with sequel films.

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