Peacock Rolls Out Office-Specific Pricing

You can now watch the popular sitcom's first two seasons, gratis.


Even though it was well advertised long, long in advance that The Office would be leaving Netflix starting New Year's Day 2021, the popular NBC sitcom's move back home to mothership app Peacock has come with some unexpected new pricing tiers that the service has just unveiled geared directly at Office fans.

Three very reasonable pricing levels for the streaming service--under the banner "Pick Your Peacock"--have been rolled out and are as follows:

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There are a few unusual things that leap to mind when looking at this announcement. Chief among them is how most readers will likely need to squint and double back to re-read to understand that paying for access doesn't just get you access to The Office, but also the rest of Peacock's still growing library. The other main thing to notice is that the free tier only gets you access to The Office's first two seasons--which feels a little like getting short changed given that creator Greg Daniels has, starting with Season 3, created "superfan" cuts of episodes.

The word "superfan" is, if anything, an understatement: Starting with that season, viewers can select between classic versions as they originally aired or opt instead to watch extended cuts with both new footage and other deleted scenes woven in. Peacock first announced this feature in mid-December, and it's still unclear if the first two seasons will get "superfan" cuts as well. Since The Office was Netflix's most popular show--and the streaming service made no secret of this fact--it's unlikely Peacock will change it up anytime soon, though.

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