Peacemaker Renewed For Season 2, As HBO Max Wants Second Taste Of DC Series

John Cena is returning as the man who will do anything for peace.


Peacemaker is wrapping up its first season on February 17, but ahead of the finale, HBO Max has announced the series is getting a Season 2. That means more John Cena as the titular character shooting people in his underwear.

James Gunn--who directed The Suicide Squad, which introduced the world to Peacemaker--directed and wrote every episode for Season 1. And with this announcement, Gunn has signed on to write and direct all the episodes for Season 2. At the time of this writing, it's unknown how many episodes the follow-up season will consist of. Season 1 ran for eight episodes.

"Creating Peacemaker has been one of the true highlights of my life, both professionally and otherwise, with John Cena and the incredible creative team around me, as well as our partners at HBO Max," explained Gunn. "To have something we all love so much be loved by the audience in turn has been a wonderful experience. I can't wait for folks to see where Team Peacemaker goes in Season 2!"

"I am incredibly honored and humbled by the response to Peacemaker and the experience of playing this character," said Cena. "Thank you to James Gunn, Peter Safran, HBO Max, the crew, and my castmates who worked tirelessly to make this unforgettable series."

In late January, Gunn said that Season 2 would be likely, but HBO Max's announcement is the first confirmation of new episodes. While the show itself has been a blast for viewers, many people fell in love with the intro, which features the expressionless cast doing a dance to the song "Do Ya Wanna Taste It" by Wig Wam. And fans of the series are probably ready to see more of that with new episodes.

"I was a little hesitant, trying to do something like that," actor Danielle Brooks told GameSpot. "It was like 'what the hell is this?' Because I hadn't worked with [the choreographer] yet [...] but then all of a sudden I got into a session with her and Jen Holland and it was just so much fun. We all got so excited."

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