PD0 OST announced

Sumthing Else Music releasing techno score for futuristic Xbox 360 FPS on November 8.


Though gamers won't be able to play Perfect Dark Zero until the Xbox 360's launch date, November 22, they'll be able to hear the sounds of the game a full two weeks before. Sumthing Else Music Works, a record label that has quickly latched on to the game soundtrack business, will release the original soundtrack to Perfect Dark Zero on November 8.

The collection will feature songs from David Clynick, who collaborated with Grant Kirkhope to produce the score to the original Perfect Dark. Also featured on the record is the industrial/emo sounds of MissionPoe, and San Francisco house music duo Kepi and Kat.

Sumthing Else has also released soundtracks for Advent Rising, Fable, Jade Empire, Halo 2, and more.

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