PCs to undergo Titan Quest

First game from Brian Sullivan and Iron Lore blends RPG and action in ancient Greece and Egypt.


THQ today announced that it will be publishing the first game from developer Iron Lore, founded by Age of Empires cocreator Brian Sullivan. Named Titan Quest, the action role-playing game will be released in 2006 for the PC, but it will make its debut at this year's E3.

Titan Quest is set in ancient Egypt and Greece, and it takes players on a journey to several well-known locations and Wonders of the World. The game will be in full 3D with streaming technology, so when adventuring to and from locales such as the Great Pyramids and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, there are no loading times to hinder the experience.

Gamers will face the gigantic task of imprisoning some imposing foes: the legendary Titans. Using more than a thousand unique pieces of equipment, players will battle mythological monsters, including the undead and cyclopes, in their quest to both save the world and re-imprison the imposing Titans.

The game features a flexible class system and skill set for customizing characters. Each skill can be specified to gamers' choices, and no skill becomes obsolete. In addition to the single-player campaign, users can join forces to quest together in the multiplayer mode.

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