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PCs to be doused with Heavy Rain?

Compatibility listing on Nvidia site sparks rumors of PS3 thriller ditching its exclusivity and heading to computers.

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Source: Graphics hardware maker Nvidia's PhysX site, as reported by Destructoid.

What we heard: The critically acclaimed Heavy Rain is apparently getting prepped for the big screen, but that may not be the only place Quantic Dream's moody thriller is headed. Rumors have started swirling that the PlayStation 3 exclusive is possibly headed to the PC, following a listing on graphics hardware maker Nvidia's own site.

A listing of current and upcoming titles that support hardware acceleration using Nvidia's PhysX engine shows Heavy Rain as one of its compatible titles but identifies the PC as the platform it appears on.

Will you be pressing X to Jason on a PC soon?
Will you be pressing X to Jason on a PC soon?

While the possibility of Heavy Rain dropping its exclusivity and heading to PCs is intriguing, several factors point to this not being the case. Firstly, the accuracy of Nvidia's list is questionable, with the site still listing the defunct Xbox 360 version of Haze and the discontinued massively multiplayer online game Fury as two of its compatible titles. Quantic Dream also used the Havok engine for Heavy Rain, and studio head David Cage has often stated in the past that the interactive drama would remain a PS3-only proposition.

The official story: "We checked with the PhysX team and learned that it is a typo. Should be PS3." -- An Nvidia representative, who also confirmed that Heavy Rain did use PhysX at one time for an E3 demo shown several years ago but that Quantic Dream eventually switched to using Havok.

Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus.

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