PCs to be Condemned in spring

Sega sets launch window for the PC version of its critically acclaimed bludgeon-athon; new screens inside.


Since last November, many an Xbox 360 owner has spent hours bludgeoning lunatics en masse while playing Condemned: Criminal Origins. PC gamers have looked on with impatience, as the PC version of the game has been without a release date since its existence was revealed last February.

Today, Sega finally put a date on the PC Condemned--sort of. The company announced that the ultraviolent actioner will debut on PCs in "Spring 2006." The game is being developed by Monolith Productions (The Matrix Online), which also worked on the 360 version.

Picked as the game with the Best Sound Effects of 2005 by GameSpot editors, Condemned follows FBI agent Ethan Thomas as he hunts down a pack of serial killers. Unfortunately, said sociopaths live in a hellish urban maze populated by homicidal thugs. To defend himself, Thomas must respond in kind, grabbing whatever blunt instrument is available, including pipes and the odd two-by-four. Take a swing at GameSpot's review of the Xbox 360 Condemned: Criminal Origins for a full rundown on its gameplay and features.

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First off I want a 360 and will probably get one along with a top of the line computer. Now on to the flaming. The 360 hasn't reached it's full graphics potential so both versions will look very similar. The PC can get higher res. though (Someone mentioned 720p being better than any PC but 1080p [best HD res. on a TV right now] is only 1920x1080 while pc gamers COULD spend over $1,000 to get a monitor that has a 2048x1536 res.). ___ Video Card-2x ATI x1900xtx > 360's card___ Processor: FX-60 has more GAMING power than 360's triple core Intel RAM- PC obviously___ Price-360___ GAMES THAT USE ALL THE POWER DEVS. CAN GET OUT OF THE HARDWARE-360___ Sure you can get a ridiculously expensive PC that is better than the 360 but that doesn't mean developers are going to use all that power in their games. All you'll have is a little crisper image because you can rack up resolution and AA/AF. So, for thousands more you can make the PC version look better if they don't downgrade the engine (for no reason). This isn't very economical compared to the 460 for the game and the 360 w. a Hard drive. Your choice but for PC gamers pride the PC can be more powerful because it's upgradable. For 360 gamers you pay a lot less for pretty much the same game. For the arguement on which controls better (yes PCs traditionally have better controls but..) WAIT AND PLAY THE GAME. Then flame on about it.

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I'm just waiting for CCO to come out on the pc. Then I plan on wading into those shrieking freaks with my nail-studded board & sawed-off 12 gauge. The old red, red vino will be flowing, brains splattering, body parts cartwheeling. A real Disney-fest of gore & mindless slaughter. YES!

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consoles are for poor people who cant afford pcs?? pffff ....please... sounds like the arrogant rich people are coming out to try to flash their bling bling. i have both and an hdtv... and im 19 at college.... figure that one out rich boy... i play fear at all high settings without a hitch... yet i love consoles. PC gaming looks better no doubt... but to keep up with new video cards that come out every 3-4 months is expensive... i dunno about u but i got better things to spend 600$ every 3-4 months on buddy... and on the consoles side... yeah graphics might get beat but whocares? consoles have everything else going for them.

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picture you tryna get at me in any FPS using a 360 controller vs. my G5 & Saitek. i will murder you. thass like bringin' a knife to a gunfight.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Shooters belong to the PC. Consoles are a joke. Consoles are for poor people who can't afford a pc.

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Running around hitting people with sticks and pipes? There's more to it than that right? Fascinating story somewhere? No? Just boring levels and hitting people with a stick. Wow. I hope they raise the price to $70 bucks for this; perhaps if I buy this, my girlfriend will hit me with a stick. Finally, a game that will be even worse than fear! Looks like they have more than one bad guy though so they've got a leg up on fear in that category. You know what game I want? I want a game where ruthless marketing execs come to your house, hand you a turd in a box, beat you senseless, then leave with $60 bucks. That's pretty much what gaming has become. No sale here guys.

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x1900xtx most powerful and fastest card on the planet,core speed 650mhz,memory speed 1.55ghz.PC WILL ALWAYS BE AHEAD OF THE CONSOLES.360 OWNERS WILL STICK WITH THERE current spec for 5 years while the pc evolves everyday.I wanna see comdemned on this kickass card that blow away the competition like the 360

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nfsmw ,better on pc too

Avatar image for jofy

it will look definitely better on a pc ,dont forget quake 4 ,much better on a pc

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this one got me interested a while back but I was disappointed to see it only being released for Console. I just hope it isn't a lazy port from console to PC. I will be waiting to see the demo of this one ;)

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This game scared the you know what outta me.

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Isn't it amazing how a mention of a pc version of a 360 launch title attracts so many painfully biased fanboys from both ends of the spectrum? XD

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the 360 looks a hell of a lot better

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The screenshots look like ass right now.

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1st of all. The Xbox360 hasn't even reached its max graphics cabability. So both will look the same, unless they want to make it look better on the PC which are the Developer's fault not the 360.

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I would hope that eventually it becomes completely multiplatform... I've done a lot of reading on this game and it sounds awesome but I don't have a PC (a MAC laptop) and I won't have a 360 for ages... if ever. So bring it to the other systems so everyone can play

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darkcult:"After playing this on 360 and now looking at those bland (PC) screens ... I can only laugh." i totaly agree..

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kqlyn: "And the PC version will be the superior version. It will have better graphics (higher res and AA and AF)." Higher res - NO. That 720p x 480p of that of the XBox 360 is far higher than a PC Res. (Remember, it's HD) P.S: I hate the Xbox 360. But it's just to be clear. AA and AF - Yeah! But if you have an SLI or Crossfire.

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Yes!! Good thing I didn't buy a 360... yet.

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now we can make a fair comparison between the 360 and pc

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For people mulling about mouse control, this game is better with the 360 controller, but that is pointless because you can use the 360 controller on PCs too. As for people claiming PC's will be better, well yea for a lot more $ than the 360 and for a lot less AAA games than the 360 will have. Plus the potential of the 360 has barely been touched so far. In 2-3 years time the 360's games will be amazing, while people will be spending even more $ to get their PC's to run games.

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well i personally would like to add that in a year pc's will rein supreme in the tech department, with dual core processors becoming standard and dual processor motherbaords slowly lowering in price i wouldn't be suprized if that eventually became a new gaming standard, almost forgot to mention the 64 bit processors, i also like the ongoing crossfire/sli growth, the next gen dual gpu setup won't just pass the 360 they'll make it eat their skid marks. but for now enjoy the 360 a good 60 inch hd looks so pretty. plus people microsoft maid it a goal to allow pc ports to overwhelmingly easy for their new system so i won't doubt that most pc games will become 360 games in the next few years. sony won't be quite so fortunate with their unique arcitecture.

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Those screenshots. Ugh. What's going on, Monolith?

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about time Condemned gets onto a good system.

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Why hasnt gamespot reported the condemned sequel and movie? I mean C'mon, even IGN has.

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Wow, a bunch of xbox 360 fans already started complaining about the PC version? Well that doensn't suprise me, the screenshots may not look as good as on the 360, but thats because the picture quality always gets downgraded and are not as hi-res as the actual game. Besides, I bet in a year or less, ATI will release a video card more powerful than the one residing in Microsoft's machine, not to mention that updating the video card's drivers improves frame rates in games.

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I though since this game was dropped as a PS3 project that it would maintain 360 exclusive? any way im sure that it wount be as succesfull.

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You people are judging the game on the screenshots....how sad for all u retards. look at FEAR's screenshots...then looks at the real thing in action with a good video card, there is a difference....a huge one. if you have the money for a state of the art video card, then FEAR will looks MUCH better than any 360 game out right now or any thats coming any time soon...the truth is that pc's ability to use 2 video cards just beats 360 in so many ways... plz before u yell at me just look at how FEAR looks on a cutting edge computer...then looks at the 360....anyone who has a comp llike that will agree with me 100%

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I'm gonna repent.

Avatar image for darkcult

After playing this on 360 and now looking at those bland (PC) screens ... I can only laugh.

Avatar image for swanlord

Xbox360 version is Superior to any PC version put out....period I got a 55 inch toshiba HDTV and 7.1 sound and unless your PC is better than that mix you are talkin out ya arse.......The video card in the Xbox360 beats all other video cards right now PS3=sh****t

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You might want to get your facts straight Optimus. The unified shader architecture means those 48 pixel and vertex pipelines are shared. They can operate on either pixel or vertex data but not both at the same time. That's inferior to the separate dedicated pixel and vertex pipelines of the R580. Also, the DX9 cards out now already exceed the DX9 spec and have done so for years now. Just read any old reviews and you'll see this mentioned. Or you can load up video options in Half-Life 2 if you have a DX9 card and look how it mentions DX 9.0+.

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Those screen shots look wikked. Looks like it is going to be a fun game.

Avatar image for TheProjectedMan

I've been clubbing the homeless in real life in anticipation for this game.

Avatar image for earlthecannibal

The 360 console is another port box, or PPPB= poor- peoples- port -box.

Avatar image for JumpingMirrior

Doesnt look as good as the 360 version right now

Avatar image for Rellington

SLI or Crossfire FTW!

Avatar image for Optimusv2

Guys wondering why the graphics for the 360 version looks better is because the 360 has a better videocard than any videocard currently available to computers. Only ati's new r580 comes close to what is inside the 360, but even so the 360 gpu still wins. (which is also made by ati)

Avatar image for Optimusv2

I enjoy the people that know absolutely nothing about computers. People saying how bad the 360 is and what a waste of money it is and yet nobody understands just how powerful the videocard inside it is nor the fact that the 360 can handle far more graphics intensive scenes than any single videocard can out there. It has 5 times the memory bandwidth and technology that no pc videocard has. Get it through your heads please. An expensive pc to run condemned (which I do have), but to upgrade to buy an expensive pc if you don't already have one to play condemned when you can just play it on a 360 (with better graphics) is a major waste. People that don't have high end pcs can get a 360 and play any game available to the pc will all the features turned on. AA/HDR/softshadows the works.

Avatar image for Optimusv2

For the misinformed kqlyn... Ati just released their brand new r580 videocards and the 360 gpu is still superior to it..... Condemned will still look better on a 360 The r580 is now the best pc videocard in the world and the 360 videocard still tops it in terms of all around technology and performance and capability. Unified shader, 5 times the memory bandwidth. 10.2gigapixels per seconf for the r580 16 gigapixels per second for the 360 gpu. Don't forget the 360 gpu goes beyond shader model 3.0 and even some directx10 specifications. Only a overpowerd sli combo will be able to get more performance, but wont out do it in image quality. The 360's graphics in the game are flawless and nothing is toned down to make it run on the 360 condemned runs on the 360 with no sacrifices made at all. If the 360 version is using all the effects of hdr/softshadow (if they are used in condemned only a r580 will come close to matching it in performance or in the graphics department surpassing it though?) no... The r580 has 48 pixel pipelines and 8 vertex pipes. 360 has 48 pixel pipelines and 48 vertex pipelines. Might want to get your facts straight buddy.

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its not a FPS :/ and anyway FPS' s are easier with Mouse/Keyboard, it doesnt make it better. The rumble controller works a treat to build up tension too

Avatar image for GreyFoxV1

About time

Avatar image for Cniinc

I really hope that the screenshots put up here are some sort of pre-graphics beta or something, because they look pretty bad compared to the 360's. And that's coming from a hermit.

Avatar image for Kravyn81

360 = waste.

Avatar image for Rellington

Any FPS is better with a mouse and keyboard gillri. Its called left mouse button and right mouse button.

Avatar image for gillri

not for this game, mouse and keyboard only good for action FPS, You can only go two speeds with keyboard, and doesnt have triggers for blocking and attacking

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