PCs to be Condemned in spring

Sega sets launch window for the PC version of its critically acclaimed bludgeon-athon; new screens inside.


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Since last November, many an Xbox 360 owner has spent hours bludgeoning lunatics en masse while playing Condemned: Criminal Origins. PC gamers have looked on with impatience, as the PC version of the game has been without a release date since its existence was revealed last February.

Today, Sega finally put a date on the PC Condemned--sort of. The company announced that the ultraviolent actioner will debut on PCs in "Spring 2006." The game is being developed by Monolith Productions (The Matrix Online), which also worked on the 360 version.

Picked as the game with the Best Sound Effects of 2005 by GameSpot editors, Condemned follows FBI agent Ethan Thomas as he hunts down a pack of serial killers. Unfortunately, said sociopaths live in a hellish urban maze populated by homicidal thugs. To defend himself, Thomas must respond in kind, grabbing whatever blunt instrument is available, including pipes and the odd two-by-four. Take a swing at GameSpot's review of the Xbox 360 Condemned: Criminal Origins for a full rundown on its gameplay and features.

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