PCs Condemned April 11

Monolith's creepy first-person blunt-weapon-swinger heads to new platform next month.


PC gamers may be wondering why their Xbox 360-owning friends are huddled in the corner of their rooms, eyes darting back and forth nervously as they clutch rusty steel pipes close to their chests. They might understand soon, as Sega has announced that the PC port of the Monolith-developed Xbox 360 game Condemned: Criminal Origins will be available on April 11. Gamers step into the shoes of Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent assigned to sort out a series of creepy events unfolding in a seedy metropolis. Thomas' adventures will take him to abandoned schools, run-down department stores, and a host of other freaky environs. Condemned: Criminal Origins for the PC is rated M for Mature and will retail for $39.99.

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Just get a 360 you cheap people! The game is really good but don't wait for games to come out for the pc. You are missing a lot by not getting a 360.

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If this 360 to PC porting trend continues, I might as well buy a kick ass computer at the end of the year instead of 360 + it will be $20 cheaper.

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LOL@ Portbox 360.

Avatar image for Xanog1

Cool, can't wait for it to come out!

Avatar image for OdinDragoonX

Most peoples PCs arnt good enough to make it look better then the X360 version.

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Great news for PC gamers. I finished the game on 360, it's really good. PC gamers: enjoy.

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i don't need it, already own it on my 360 ^_^

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i want this game and i want it now. xD

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As much as I love my 360, any game from that console that comes out for the PC is a great thing. Mostly because it's quite a bit cheaper and you don't have to pay the 360 premium.

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A friend of mine thought it looked cool on my 360, but he said he probably wouldn't play it unless it came out on the PC... But even I'd prefer to use a keyboard and mouse...

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Lets see $60 for the 360 or $40 for the PC? Its a no brainer. PC for me.

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This game re-uses the F.E.A.R. graphics engine, but looks like they've added HDR to it. Cool though.

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Haha Condemned doesn't sell well on 360, get's ported to PC. GTA LCS doesn't sell well on PSP, get's ported to PS2. Anyone seeing a trend here?

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you know why i love my pc? games are less expensive for it.

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Yes! Finally I can play this game without buying a 360!

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w00t! I was interested in this game for the xbox 360 but didn't want to buy a xbox 360 so happy its coming to my PC.

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Man I couldn't get into this game it was way to slow when i came to action and story i am saving it along with some ps2 games to trade for oblivion. i hope they release f.e.a.r for 360 i like that game but don't have the system to run it :(

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FEAR is a completely different game. Condemned was actually pretty good on the XBOX360 so I assume it will be pretty nice on the PC. I'm sure it'll require a decent vid card like an x800 pro to geforce 6800 +

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Excellent! Now I don't have to find someone with a XXLBox 360 to play this game.

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nice but fear is better

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How good of a graphics card will we need to run it well?