PCs, 360s caught in Eidos' Crossfire

Two-player cooperative first-person shooter coming to North America in 2007; destruction heads to PC, Xbox 360.


Shooting enemies is easy from two feet away.
Shooting enemies is easy from two feet away.

While big announcements were aplenty at Microsoft's press briefing before the start of its X06 event currently taking place in Barcelona, Spain, Eidos thought it appropriate to release some PC and Xbox 360 news here in the US. The publisher today revealed that it will be releasing a new game titled Crossfire.

The first-person shooter will feature two government-hired agents sent behind enemy lines to finish an undisclosed job. Gameplay will entail switching back and forth between the two members of the team, who will provide cover fire for each other, head out on their own paths, and create diversions for one another. Details on multiplayer action were slim, with Eidos only copping to two-player cooperative play.

The game's Web site is live, and states that the game is headed to the PC and Xbox 360. The site also lists Pivotal Games (the Conflict series) as Crossfire's developer, a fact that an Eidos rep confirmed to GameSpot.

Crossfire has not yet been priced or rated.

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