PC/PS4's Excellent Thumper Launches Early; PS4 Pro Support Confirmed

Thumper shows up three days early.


One of the highlights of PlayStation VR's launch lineup is Thumper, but the game is not an exclusive--it's also available for PC and playable on PS4 without VR. And it'll be out later today in North America, three days sooner than expected.

Two-man development team Drool announced the news today, saying it "wanted to surprise and reward everyone who's been waiting years for Thumper to come out with the chance to play a bit sooner." It will arrive on Steam and the PlayStation Store in North America at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET. You can check out a new launch trailer for it below.

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Drool also had some other news to share regarding the game. It'll support the upcoming PS4 Pro right from launch, allowing Thumper to be played at native 4K. The resolution on PS VR can't go any higher, as that is a hardware limitation, but VR users on a Pro will still see some benefits. The system "enhances the VR rendering quality" while offering the same 90 FPS frame rate that's essential to a smooth VR experience.

As for the PC version, support for both the Oculus Rift and Vive is coming "later this year." Drool said it'll share more about those platforms soon.

For more on Thumper, check out GameSpot's very positive review.

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