PC Universe at War armistice until early December

Petroglyph's galaxy-sized RTS conflict to go hot at least a month later than expected.


Universe at War: Earth Assault

Sega today has confirmed to GameSpot that the PC version of Universe at War: Earth Assault has been pushed from its projected October 30 release to "early December." As cause for the delay, the Sega representative noted that the game, which entered closed beta testing at the end of July, is undergoing further development. "We wanted to give the game a little more time for polish so that gamers get the best UAW has to offer," said the rep.

Universe at War is being published by Sega and is the second project from Las Vegas-based developer Petroglyph. The studio, which includes several former Westwood Studios developers, made a splash in the real-time strategy genre in 2006 with Star Wars: Empire at War and its follow-up, Forces of Corruption.

With a focus once again on interstellar strategy, Petroglyph's latest has gamers fending off alien invaders. As detailed in GameSpot's previous coverage, the game features robust multiplayer modes where gamers can compete in a persistent online campaign to rule the universe. An Xbox 360 version is slated for the first part of 2008, and Petroglyph plans to integrate Microsoft's Games for Windows - Live service to allow for cross-platform play.

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