PC Survival Horror Game With Procedurally Generated Worlds Announced

A "deadly game of cat and mouse."


Dead by Daylight is the next game from Naughty Bear and Wet developer Behaviour Interactive. The game, announced this week, is described as a survival horror multiplayer game where one player takes on the role of a killer while up to four others attempt to survive. It's a "deadly game of cat and mouse," the developer says.

That asymmetrical premise sounds similar to the Kickstarter-funded Friday the 13th game, but Dead by Daylight has some other twists as well. For one, the game's worlds are procedurally generated.

"You'll never know what to expect, what you're facing, and how to get away," reads a line from the game's description on its Steam page. "You will have to make stressful choices under desperate circumstances. Every decision impacts your chances of survival."

It's not just human characters, either, who can play as the killer. Instead, the killer characters stem from a number of horror genres, and include "brutal slashers" and paranormal beings who can pass through walls.

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The killer plays from a first-person perspective and is more powerful than survivors. Meanwhile, survivors play from a third-person perspective, allowing them to see around corners. Additionally, survivors are rewarded for working together, but at the end of the day, it's all about staying alive. Players may resort to betraying allies in an effort to save their own skin.

Behaviour also says Dead by Daylight will have a "deep" progression and unlock system, though no further specifics were shared.

It sounds like it's still early days for Dead by Daylight, as no release date has been announced and only concept art has been made available. You'll also notice in the video announcement above that gameplay footage is blurred out. We'll have more details on Dead by Daylight as they're announced.

Dead by Daylight will be published by Payday studio Starbreeze.

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"The killer plays from a first-person perspective and is more powerful than survivors. Meanwhile, survivors play from a third-person perspective, allowing them to see around corners."

That seems rather backwards to me....the survivors (who are supposed to be the ones scared and running for their lives) should have been first peerson and NOT be able to see around corners. I mean when you run around a corner and then come face to face with some huge hulking beast that is kind of the point, you should not be able to hug a wall and just swing the camera around to see what's there or not.

They could have a first-person peek that actually work slike you know.......leaning does in real life.

Avatar image for SHusien

Sounds like Damned. Which is actually extremely scary. I think the survivors should be first person though. Seeing around corners without using some sort of peek feature is not scary.

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Why couldn't we at least see some ingame screenshots or vids? All the dev screens that could hint to that were blurred out.

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I have no interest in the genre whatsoever but I'm kinda horny over the procedurally generated worlds.

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Time for another episode of: "How much P2W Content Can We Slowly stuff Into a good Concept Before People Get Pissed!!!

"Seriously though. I am not interested in anything that even sort of looks like, it might be, in any way, even accidentally connected to, anything that even pretends to rhyme with Overkill, or Starbreeze.

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"It's not just human who can be the killer" so it can be just a human?

This could be the interesting and the best upcoming game of this genre, but I think this genre is already getting oversaturated. Evolve is something like it, but then there's atleast this and Friday that have been only announced so far. Who knows how many others want to get their spoon in there too.

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The Friday the 13th license will be a fun thing in that game, but this one seems free to kinda do whatever they want and that variety of possibilities means this game will probably be better.

Avatar image for louixiii

Sounds interesting. I can't wait to see how they execute everything. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more about Dead By Daylight

Avatar image for Moun7ainMan

Sounds like a very interesting idea. Not many games actually play off of human behaviors and emotions. Excited to see if they can pull it off in a decent game.

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I don't think this formula will be overly popular it seems like the killer side is fun but the survivor side probably will get ruined by trolls quick

Avatar image for hystavito

@ello432: Asymmetrical is very tough to nail, has any game done really well with it?

Avatar image for Byshop

@hystavito: The Left 4 Dead series did a pretty good job and in a similar genre, but yeah. Asymmetrical multiplayer is crazy hard to balance. As for this game, it sounds neat but I generally prefer a solid single player experience to a multiplayer game. The L4D games were fun as hell but I don't know if I'd call any multiplayer game I know "horror".

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Taking bets on whether or not this will be an Early Access title.

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@Tiwill44: It will probably be on Steam for $30 as soon as it has ten playable minutes. And of course the fan boi reviews will say, "It's an early access title so there's not much to it, but the little that there is is soooooooooooooooo totally worth it oh em gee pound me harder...."

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@timthegem: HAHAHA

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Naughty Bear AND Wet? That's one hell of a pedigree, and by pedigree I mean like Pedigree dog food.

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@catsimboy: Naughty Wet Bear? Good god...

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Wet was a pretty good game so ill keep an eye out on this one but as a survival horror veteran (played survival horror games since ps1) hopefully they do it right and focus on atmosphere and story telling with a true feeling of survival, not most of this new age jump scare bullcrap masquerading as survival horror.

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It's being published by Starbreeze, aka Overkill. Also known as the ones that promised microtransactions would NEVER get into Payday 2, but then did anyway.

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@RossRichard: You should really research things so you do not dig yourself down into a hole.

Starbreeze is only the publisher, Behaviour Interactive Inc.Is the developer and comes from Canada.

So p payday 2 has nothing to do with this.

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@RossRichard: butthurt much?

Avatar image for csthomas888

@thecman25: Fanboy much?

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

@RossRichard: They promised this will be a good game, so don't be mad if it turns out to be a bad game :)

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And in other new do you remember Evolve? Me too I don't choose the new I just read it.

Now to Ollie Williams for the weather, over to you Ollie?

Avatar image for mdinger

@tom_tucker: What's Evolve? XD.

Avatar image for thecman25

@tom_tucker: yea but we all knew evolve was going to be shit, this game sounds interesting though

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@tom_tucker: Why do you keep calling the news "new"... Your anchorman skills have went downhill Tom Tucker, you should be ashamed, you're not fit to wear that moustache

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@Frogster8: He's saying it like that because nobody gives a 's'.