PC space sim Star Citizen funding passes $31 million [Updated]

Most funded project in crowdfunding history reaches another milestone.

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[UPDATE 11/25/2013 18:22]: Shortly after publishing this story, the game's developer revealed that they have raised $31 million. To put the amount raised by this indie project in context, the most raised for any project on Kickstarter was $10,266,845 for the Pebble e-Paper watch. The most amount raised for a game-related project was the Ouya at $8,596,474.

Original story appears below.

Funding for Chris Roberts' upcoming PC space simulator Star Citizen has reached $30 million, propelling the most successful crowdfunded project in history to new heights.

"Another one bites the dust!" Roberts wrote on the game's website. The milestone comes just days after the campaign reached $29 million this weekend. At press time, funding stands at $30,863,663 from 312,623 backers.

"Let’s make sure no one ever forgets that when publishers wouldn't spend a cent on AAA PC games, real gamers went above and way, way beyond to make Star Citizen happen," he said.

Roberts also revealed the Origin 890 JUMP ship today. Described as an "interstellar super-yacht," the ship will feature multiple decks, high visibility windows, and a boat bay.

Backers can now vote for the $33 million stretch goal ship from a group of seven roles: Bounty Hunting, Exploration, Trading, Cargo Hauling, Smuggling, Piracy, and Information Runner.

Star Citizen has been in development at Cloud Imperium Games for more than a year. The game itself centers on a storyline that is set in a persistent online universe.

Roberts has said that Star Citizen will fuse elements of his previous games, Wing Commander and Freelancer. Support for the virtual-reality headset Oculus Rift is planned.

Star Citizen is expected to be released in late 2014.

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