PC Rainbow Six locked down for early 2006

PC version of Lockdown will sport revamped missions, exclusive weapons when it ships early next year.


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Apparently Ubisoft believes in never leaving a man behind. After being MIA for months, the PC edition of Rainbow Six: Lockdown finally resurfaced today, as Ubisoft gave some details on new features exclusive to this version of the game, which should hit stores early next year.

The PC Lockdown will feature revamped missions, graphics, and artificial intelligence, as well as new game types, class-based multiplayer modes, and the inclusion of three maps from previous Rainbow games. The developer also threw in 20 new weapons (14 from previous installments and six brand-new offerings), as well as the ability to customize weapons to the player's preferences with silencers, scopes, high-capacity magazines, and more.

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Red Storm Entertainment, Lockdown adds a few new wrinkles to the series formula, including a story mode that features bioterrorists with a personal axe to grind against the Rainbow counterterrorism team, a redesigned interface, and a new sniper character. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's full review of the console versions.

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