PC pucks sim beats the buzzer

Sega ships NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 on eve of first NHL regular season games in a year and a half.


NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005

While most sports gamers are content to go a few quarters, periods, or what have you with the simulation offerings from Electronic Arts, 2K Sports, or Sony, there's a dedicated, stats-mad contingent that doesn't need flashy graphics, cutscenes, or highlight-reel moves mapped to a right analog stick to get into the game. For these number-crunching stat hounds, there are games like NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005, now available for the PC and Mac online or at retailers throughout North America.

Developed by Sports Interactive, maker of Worldwide Soccer Manager, Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 includes a database of 38,000 players and staff of all levels who can be used in the game's 250 playable teams or 20 licensed leagues, including the NHL, AHL, CHL, and ECHL. Players will step into the role of a general manager and handle every aspect of the game from coaching to scouting to human resources and finances. Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 is also the only game this year to incorporate the new NHL salary cap, which has already radically changed the league landscape.

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 is rated E for Everyone and is available online at Sega.com and SIgames.com or at nationwide retailers for $29.95.

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