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PC Modder Turns Doom Eternal's BFG 10,000 Into The Ultimate Gaming Rig

Let's see The Rock lift this beast up.


Most modern PCs are manufactured in a way that shows off the hardware running inside of them, but few gaming rigs can top the appeal of a custom design. Especially when that one-of-a-kind rig is modeled after Doom's iconic BFG weapon. The ultimate-and biggest--gun in any version of Doom, this weapon of mass demonic destruction was the inspiration for a new build by Mark Celica of Mark's Fabrication. Taking several design cues from the Doom Eternal version, Celica created a unique work of art that you can see more of in the video below.

"I found that its original shape had a rich and curvy sci-fi style, and after I added some elements of my own, I think it felt more in line with my own style," Celica said. "What's special about it are the laser lighting effects and the design which enables it to lift. I used an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card in this computer mod, an Intel i7 10700K for the CPU, the motherboard is an ASRock Z490, and I used 16GB of ZADAK memory."

The end result is a titanic frame housing multiple parts on a spinning base. Similar to the BFG cannon seen in Doom Eternal--you can't just shoot a hole into the surface of Mars--the build shines with lights, lasers, and awe-inspiring presence.

As for the game its based on, Doom Eternal's devilish 6.66 update recently added a horde mode to the game. If you're looking to take on the limitless forces of hell in this challenging mode, you can check out our guide on milestone rewards and top tips to memorize before you start playing.

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