PC Mech Shooter Hawken Acquired by APB Publisher

Hawken is "here to stay," producer says as new deal is announced with Reloaded Games.

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The rights for free-to-play PC mech shooter Hawken have been acquired by APB publisher Reloaded Games, the company announced on Facebook.

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"I'm pretty excited to *now* be able to announce that Reloaded Games is the new owner of Hawken," the game's new producer Joshua "capnjosh" Clausen wrote.

"It's a seriously great honor to be a part of the Hawken story, and I want to see it thrive," he added. "Once the forums are up we will post more information (they've been taking a lot longer than I was hoping)."

Following an open beta released at the end of 2012, Hawken transitioned to Steam Early Access in February 2014. The first-person shooter game supports virtual reality headset Oculus Rift.

Developer Adhesive Games has kept quiet about the game in recent months. Some took that as a sign that support for Hawken might be coming to an end. However, Clausen went to say that the deal with Reloaded Games for Hawken means the game "is here to stay."

He also listed off a handful of items the developer is now working on to improve Hawken:

  • Fix password reset
  • Get Forums working again
  • Fix more deployment stuff
  • Fix a bunch of tools systems
  • Fix more back end systems
  • Plan new updates and future changes

APB was originally developed by Realtime Worlds (Crackdown). However, when the studio collapsed, Reloaded Productions acquired the game and released it again as Reloaded.

For more on Hawken,check out GameSpot's Early Access review above and some images in the gallery below.

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