PC Game Pass Death Stranding Teases Continue To Emerge

A simple change in profile picture can mean so much.


It appears Death Stranding could be coming to PC Game Pass, as the service's official Twitter profile image has been updated with a mountain-filled image very similar to the game's own landscapes. The account only added further fuel to the fire when another version also included rain--a crucial element to the Death Stranding story.

The new PC Games Pass Profile Pic
The new PC Games Pass Profile Pic

The account changed its profile to the image above and then tweeted "sometimes we just like a good landscape picture #NewProfilePic" Though the picture doesn't have any recognizable landmarks from the game, its foggy, lush, and rock-laden mountainscape certainly fits Death Stranding's bill.

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Keep in mind though that this is the PC Game Pass account, not Xbox Game Pass. None of the other Game Pass Twitter accounts have made similar teases. Additionally, both the launch edition and the Director's Cut of Death Stranding have already received PC ports. Therefore, if Death Stranding is coming to Game Pass, it may only be on PC. That means this news doesn't indicate that Death Stranding will go cross-platform or reveal anything about Kojima's upcoming partnership Xbox Game Studios.

In other Game Pass news, eight new games are arriving across PC and Xbox Game Pass, including four new releases like Immortality and Midnight Night Express. In turn, several titles are leaving the service, including Hades, Myst, NBA 2K22, and others. Check out the full list to see if there are any titles you want to get to, before they leave the subscription service.

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