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Game of the Year 2013

PC Game of the Year 2013 Winner

Which PC game takes GameSpot's coveted award?

Who would have thought that Blizzard Entertainment, the uber-successful creator of the world's most revered action role-playing games, would be out-Diablo'd? A year after Diablo III was released, developer Grinding Gear Games created a dark and oppressive clickfest that seemingly rose from the ashes of Diablo II. After a notably long beta period, Path of Exile was released to great acclaim in 2013--yet, somehow, doesn't cost a penny to download, play, and love.

So yes, it's a wonder that Path of Exile is free, though you can certainly toss some cash the developer’s way by buying unnecessary cosmetic enhancements. But Path of Exile’s greatness has little to do with its price, or lack thereof, but is instead a result of its ridiculously complex skill tree, exciting action, and moody atmosphere. At first, the adventure hews closely to its obvious inspiration, but this familiarity is merely a stepping stone that allows Path of Exile to find its footing. Once it's clear you are on rock-solid ground, the game establishes an identity all its own--an identity that makes Path of Exile a worthy winner of GameSpot's award for 2013 PC game of the year.

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Really?! I think there are better games than Exile. Bioshock Infinite should have won, because it is a great game. I don't play it by the way. If you don't like my decision, Dota 2 should have won! But for god's sake, don't let Path of Exile win!

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I'm 3 hours into this game and I'm bored to tears. Game of the year my ass.

Avatar image for inkwaboom

<< LINK REMOVED >> Because you're an impatient console peasant casual scrub who feels games aren't good unless you have to exert zero work and feel they need to carry you 100% of the way

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Oh is that what it is? And here I thought I've been a PC gamer for over 15 years. Silly me.

No, this game is boring, tedious piece of garbage. It's being compared to Diablo III, which, I'm sorry to say is a better game. The only plus PoE has is that it is free to play.

Let's put it into perspective for you, you poor, narrow minded chimp. GS is the only gaming site to even consider this game for GotY, let alone give it an award. DotA 2 and Metro: Last Night should've won it. GotY needs to go to a game that is FUN to play, and gives you a reason to want to get that game.

There's no story to draw me in, graphics are meh, controls are clunky, it feels very crudely put together, and there is nothing to hook me after 3 hours of playing it. I'd rather play Runescape if I want a free MMO click-fest that I need to "exert work" into.

Decent free game? Sure. Game of the Year? Hell no.

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damn ms-dos machines

Avatar image for curiousarman

Where is brothers? :(

Avatar image for The_Corinthian

Sooo the best we could do is a Diablo clone?

Avatar image for The_Corinthian

We could do without the stupid Killzone ad on every video.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Adblock Pro... How do people still not use this? U shame the internet

Avatar image for Hamsnowmer

The thing that killed this game for me was the de-syncing. Once you get to the harder difficulties, it really makes it no fun to play. I wonder if they've fixed it? (goes to log in for the first time in a month or so)

Avatar image for homemacai

I really missed Rome 2 total war in here, but im happy with the decision. Hoepfully next year tehre will be more PC exclusive titles on the same level as POE.


Avatar image for min64

i know a year in PC gaming is bad when most of the games on a sites goty lists are console ports. Thankfully this year half of them are PC games and im glad one of them won.

On most other sites top PC honors are going to Bioshock.

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I wanna play it~ I like it~

Avatar image for commander1122

really??? path of exile?"?? no wonder console fan buy say that PC is dying...i guess is real

Avatar image for homemacai

<< LINK REMOVED >> for a 12 yr old like you yes.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I actually kind of agree, I enjoy Path of Exile but game of the year? Tomb Raider or Metro Last Light on that list would have been my choices. Bioshock infinite was good but not goty worthy. I have not played 4 titles on that list including dota 2.

Avatar image for diesalher

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Not Tomb Raider for sure. Boring Port

Avatar image for swedensior

This year has really been the year of the PS3 Last of us, Ni No Kuni and Beyond Two Souls all in my top five list. Still I own a great Pc and vita and 3ds xl and wii u.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

Really sad to see that not much people know Shadow Warrior . It was my best PC game of the year . That game require more advertisement .

Avatar image for icebox98

the pc always gets its good share of great pc exclusive titles every year that, unlike the xbox, no site can be ashamed to crown 1 of them as GOTY so lets remember not to compare a true pc game to cross platform games when we are criticizing GS for their decision.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

<< LINK REMOVED >> That's why 75% of GOTY on Sony and M$ consoles are multiplatform . While PC GOTY is exclusive .

Avatar image for swedensior

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Sony did really get the last of us, beyond two souls, ni no kuni, puppeteer, disgaea d2. Pc is looking weak this year...

Avatar image for deactivated-5ac298f6696ef

Downloaded it, playing it, enjoying it. While it has its "Diablo" flavour, it has its unique feel to it. Replay value and excelent ARPG to be hooked on to it.

Avatar image for nicecall

path of exile lol? this is april fools joke?

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

<< LINK REMOVED >> Lol , someone wanted dumbed down and primarily a console game to win . POE is true PC game and deserves it .

Avatar image for Hrf6

I like this choice. At least PoE is a true PC game, complex and rewarding. Anyway, I'm pleasantly surprised that GS didn't just pick all of the most popular titles, but went with their (slightly unconventional) opinions.

Avatar image for Xirexor

If I were the selector, i would have chosen Dota2 (40%), Bioshock Infinite (30%) or Mero Last Night (30%) ! Whats wrong with Gamespot o.O ?

Avatar image for inkwaboom

<< LINK REMOVED >> They appreciate good games and path of exile totally earned it. Bioshock infinite shouldn't of even been on the list. Sure it could of won a Oscar or something but definitely not a game award because it is quite frankly a bad game with a amazing story.

Avatar image for xmvince

I tried for a while to get into the PoE beta, but to no avail. Just played Diablo 3 instead. I would have gotten into PoE had the beta been open but by the time it was open to everyone, I was already sick of D3 and not looking for a similar game. Wish things had worked out differently, because PoE looked decent, whereas D3 was just another Blizz-scam.

Avatar image for jasonmperry70

Can't say that I enjoyed this game. Not worth the time I spent downloading and installing it.

Choppy, washed-out graphics and lackluster controls

Just my opinion...

Avatar image for antonis13

I used to hate PoE at first because of its mechanics (point and click instead of WASD, no camera control) but after I gave it some more time it got easier and more fun to play. But that's just it. Compared to games like Bioshock Infinite and Metro LL it falls short. It is a great game. but not worthy of goty IMO.

Avatar image for meubanks

<< LINK REMOVED >> Point and click is actually the standard interface in Diablo type games. A few have WASD, but they are in the minority. It is hard to get used to if you typically play other game types, but WASD would confuse the gamers who are the target audience for the game. I don't mean to criticize your viewpoint, I understand it. I just wanted to point out that the design decision is not particularly unconventional. I don't quite think it's GOTY material either. It is decent, but too similar to other Diablo clones.

Avatar image for antonis13

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Of course I understand the reason behind it and after a while I got used to it. Actually, now i think this is the best way, since WASD would be a bit out of place in this game, especialy since you can't rotate the camera angle in any way (a great feature to add in the future imo). As you said, I haven't played any point and click game for quite a few years and I got too used to the WASD movement mechanism :)

Avatar image for Mudpooch

Its absolutely delightfully fun to read some of the misguided console bashing that occurs here:)

Avatar image for gomagomes

really? with bioshock and metro? i've played path of exile and for me played like a generic hack'n slash diablo like game. i recognize it's an awesome work for a free to play game and surely deserve its nomination, but not the best of the best

Avatar image for oflow

<< LINK REMOVED >> you're not the only one. Dungeon crawlers for me are boring to begin with. mindnumbing grinding, old fashioned game mechanics, tedious crafting and trading, obnoxious chat. Its like everything I hate in an MMO made into the main gameplay elements.

I guess this won because so many other games were multiplatform?

Heck, Swapper, Samurai Gunn, Rogue Legacy and Monaco were more fun than this game for me.

Avatar image for meubanks

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> For some people it gives a nostalgic nod to Diablo II. A lot of people are disappointed with DIII, and looking for something to fill the void. I agree that the formula is tired, but some people still enjoy it.

Avatar image for R6ex

If this is the best that PC can offer, then it has already lost the race to the PS4 & XBone. I'm looking forward to Witcher 3 i.e. some real AAA PC titles.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

<< LINK REMOVED >> " then it has already lost the race to the PS4 & XBone" . Ya I saw GOTY on PS4 and Xbox One , a multiplatform title called AC 4 . Rest of the trash is not even nominated .

Avatar image for icebox98

<< LINK REMOVED >>most of the good games are cross platform,plus the consoles will have a hard time getting a fair share of rts games and mmos so i dont see it loosing anything

Avatar image for oflow

<< LINK REMOVED >> thats just this year. Next year space games are making a comeback (Planetary Annihilation, Star Citizen, Homeworld:Shipbreakers, WH40K: Eternal Crusade) as well as some real next gen MMOs (EQ Next) and voxel games (Project Spark, Trove)

Avatar image for s_h_a_d_o

"... Path of Exile is free, though you can certainly toss some cash the developer’s way by buying unnecessary cosmetic enhancements."

Some of us "tossed cash their way" to actually help fund development of the game.

You're welcome. :|

Avatar image for mordinghost

Excellent, this game is excellent. It´s strange to see a game of this quality in a real free-to-play model.

Avatar image for csward

Nice choice GS.

Avatar image for TrueSith66

@msca8h **** you, you blind Bioshock fanboy. Bioshock Infinite was great, but not fantastic and certainly not game of the year. The story itself might be game of the year, but its mediocre combat really brings it down. People might disagree with me on that, but you also can't deny that this game was overhyped to levels I've never seen before, especially by blind fanboys like you.

Path of Exile really is an amazing game in every aspect, but its biggest puchline is that it doesn't cost a cent. It almost seems like a joke that it delivers so much more great story, gameplay, and replay value than most $60 Triple-A garbage on the market today. Not referring to Bioshock, Bioshock was one of the few big titles that was worth its price this year. But Path of Exile is gives us everything we'd expect in a game of the year caliber type of game, for free.

It deserves this more than anything. I was worried it was going to be a sleeper hit. I don't really like isometric rpg's, but this and Torchlight 2 are the only ones I can see myself playing.

Avatar image for Ailurusf

An amazing selection! I really like how GS is not afraid of including all sorts of games, nor of recognizing that valuable contributions to gaming can be independent of production budgets. Cheers for this!