PC-Exclusive Shooter Escape From Tarkov Has Crazy Deep Trading System

Escape From Tarkov will have AI and player traders, a flea market, and weekly auctions.


Last time we spoke to Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games, we learned that you shouldn't expect Call of Duty fun from what sounds like a pretty hardcore game. Now, we've learned more details about the in-game currencies, economy, and how real people play a part in it.

Trading items and goods in Escape From Tarkov is a layered affair full of different options. The economy is dynamic with several different currencies that have fluctuating exchange rates--the developer noted that this will work completely separate from real-world currencies. You will be able to use your collected money in a number of places, including traders, the flea market, and weekly auctions.

Click the gallery below to see various trading screens
Click the gallery below to see various trading screens

AI traders are discovered as you explore new locations, and each one has their own selection of goods and services. They have their own schedules and discounts and will adjust their prices as the market situation changes. Traders can run out of money, get sick, or even die. Building a relationship with traders can affect prices in a positive or negative way, depending on how and who you interact with. Battlestate notes that access to the traders will be accessible from the main menu, not in the actual game itself.

Additionally, players can become traders themselves and influence the in-game economy. Battlestate says you'll have to obtain several elite loyalty ranks with AI traders before you can open your own shop. You'll also have to keep your shop stocked with goods, or you could go bankrupt and have it shut down. All trading and sales incurs taxes, which you'll have to pay upon transaction. However, becoming a trader yourself reduces the amount you need to pay. You'll also be able to give players access to better weapons based on your own individual trust of them, similar to how relationships with AI traders work.

Despite the presence of traders, the flea market sounds like where you'll do most of your business. It's a player-only trading system, where you can put an item up for sale on a 24-hour time period. The time of which your item is on sale, in addition to the items you have access to, can increase through leveling up your trading skill.

Lastly, players are given opportunities to participate in auctions once a week. You can hold an auction or bid for items in one. It works similarly to other games, where you offer a price and if no one offers a higher one, you get the item.

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